Core Site

Core site

Our complete portfolio includes everything needed to build the cost-effective, carrier-grade Core Site needed to supply reliable, profitable services.

Our portfolio

Our Core Site products are developed side-by-side with network nodes ensuring optimized operation, high reliability and secure in-service performance.

The portfolio includes:

  • Distribution frames, DDF/ODF/MDF, FLEXFIELD
  • IP Probe System
  • Cabinet solutions
  • Multiplexors – CSM and ET4-1, STM-1/E1 conversion
  • Power systems and back-up
  • Inverters
  • Power distribution
  • Raised floors and mechanics
  • Operation and maintenance (O&M) equipment
  • Site synchronization
  • Cables

The offering supports all central office and server-based nodes, from any vendor, including BSCs, RNCs, Media Gateways, TeSs, GPRS nodes, Home Location Registers, circuit-switched nodes, access and IMS-based nodes.

Cost-effective and reliable

Our Core Site product portfolio includes everything needed to support central office applications - from housing, to secure power supply and interconnect. All products are standardized and based on uniform designs.

This approach ensures easy installation and integration of a complete Core Site, cutting lead times and ensuring nodes are up and running quickly. The standardized products are also easy to expand and evolve in line with upgrades of node capacity and functionality.

Selecting a complete, integrated solution from us makes it possible to optimize the site to further reduce capex and opex.

Operators that choose our nodes and Core Site products, gain further advantages: 

  • Nodes and site products are tested and verified together ensuring high reliability
  • Delivery of nodes and site products can be coordinated further, simplifying installation
  • Nodes and Core Site products can be configured and ordered in the same way, and with the same tools