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Analysis of User Demand Patterns and Locality for YouTube Traffic

2014-02-07 Categories: Conference papers

Video content, of which YouTube is a major part, constitutes a large share of residential Internet traffic. In this paper, we analyse the user demand patterns for YouTube in two metropolitan access networks with more than 1 million requests over three consecutive weeks in the first network and more than 600,000 requests over four consecutive weeks in the second network.

Cooperative Caching Scheme for Content Oriented Networking

2014-02-07 Categories: Conference papers

In this letter, we propose a novel cooperative caching scheme for the next-generation Internet — content oriented networking (CON), trying to minimize the content access delay for mobile users. We formulate the caching problem as a mixed integer programming model and propose a heuristic solution based on Lagrangian relaxation. Simulation results show that this scheme can greatly reduce content access delay.

Cheap Silicon: a Myth or Reality? Picking the Right Data Plane Hardware for Software Defined Networking

2014-02-07 Categories: Conference papers

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) promises the vision of more flexible and manageable networks, but requires certain level of programmability in the data plane. Current industry insight holds  that programmable network processors are of lower performance  than their hard-coded counterparts, such as Ethernet chips. This  represents a roadblock to SDN adoption.

Cloud Atlas: A Software Defined Networking Abstraction for Cloud to WAN Virtual Networking

2014-02-07 Categories: Conference papers

This paper presents Cloud Atlas, a SDN abstraction and API extending the Quantum virtual network into the WAN. Cloud Atlas is built on top of existing WAN network services (L1-, L2-, and L3VPNs) that do support QoS. Cloud Atlas makes these services available to OpenStack through a tight integration with Quantum. This paper discusses two prototypes we have built of Cloud Atlas, one based on command line scripts and one based on a network management system.

Concurrency and locality of content demand

2014-02-07 Categories: Conference papers

Distribution of media data over the Internet is increasing in popularity and volume. This poses challenges not only for network operators but also for service providers when it comes to serving the demand in a cost-efficient way. In this paper, we approach this problem by investigating the potential of co-operative approaches where locality in space (users in the same network) and locality in time (concurrent downloads) are exploited such that as many requests as possible may be handled inside the access and metro networks.

Detecting User Dissatisfaction from Passive Monitoring

2014-02-07 Categories: Conference papers

In an increasingly competitive environment it is more important than ever for operators to keep their end users satisfied. User satisfaction is often characterised in terms of Quality of Experience (QoE), a subjective metric with multiple dimensions such as expectations, content, terminal, environment, cost and performance. QoE is typically quantified as MOS, mean opinion score, which is obtained by averaging the ranks of a number of voluntary users for controlled combinations content/ terminals/performance etc. While this approach has many advantages, there are also a number of difficulties such as representativeness (the number of users as well as the number of objects and devices all have to be kept small); validity (the results may be biased by the situation, the setting, the remuneration and so on); and applicability (it is not clear how different numbers map to notions such as “acceptable” or “unacceptable” and operators alone cannot do very much about factors such as content).

Detecting User Dissatisfaction and Understanding the Underlying Reasons

2014-02-07 Categories: Conference papers

Quantifying quality of experience for network applications is challenging as it is a subjective metric with multiple dimensions such as user expectation, satisfaction, and overall experience. Today, despite various techniques to support differentiated Quality of Service (QoS), the operators still lack of automated methods to translate QoS to QoE, especially for general web applications.

Economic Analysis of Cache Location in Mobile

2014-02-07 Categories: Conference papers

As mobile networks are witnessing huge growth in the volumes of data traffic from smartphone and tablet. Mobile operators start to look into CDN and caching in order to offload increasingly overloaded mobile networks, reduce network and peering cost, and improve mobile user's quality of experience.

Evaluation of a Policy-Based Network Management System for Energy-Efficiency

2014-02-07 Categories: Conference papers

Energy efficiency features are being integrated in network protocols and management systems. Simulations can provide input on how a particular algorithm would perform in different network conditions. However, building an environment that is able to comprehensively account for interactions between different network functions is difficult.

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