Ericsson Emergency Response

The Emergency Response solution enables rescue and relief workers to command, control and communicate urgent information quickly and efficiently, helping to save lives and protect property.

Meeting society's needs

Emergency services receive a massive number of calls each day and lives are often dependent on the speed of response. Emergency response operations therefore require tools that will help them make the right decisions quickly.

Large-scale planning and coordination, and accurate, timely information sharing are needed to ensure that field staff can be effective and that the right resources are in the right place, quickly.

Systems that handle these challenges must also be scalable and flexible to provide the same level of command, control and communication during wide-scale emergencies, such as natural disasters or manmade threats.

Scalable, adaptive and cost-effective, the Emergency Response solution can be tailored to meet any workflow process and make it possible to relay crucial, information in real time.

This is achieved through a combination of multiple control rooms with operator positions and multiple system sites for physical location of hardware.

Emergency Response enables:

  • Increased call taking and dispatch efficiency in the emergency response center through higher throughputs in the number of cases per operator
  • Secure sharing of sensitive information, locally or nationally, through use of encryptions and authorization rules
  • Flexible and powerful mechanism receives and handles automatic alarms
  • Optimal use of communications resources, thanks to IP-based communications architecture
  • Smooth integration of all voice communication -- telephony, digital and analog Private Mobile Radio -- through efficient softswitching
  • Commercialized services with in-built capacity to manage customers, contracts and billing information
  • Cost-effective training through an advanced training module that allows interactive training scenarios to be developed for the operator's normal call-handling environment

Sharing information for best response

The ability to effectively share information about on-going incidents within emergency service organizations is the key to ensuring real-time situation awareness, and to obtain the best possible response.

By increasing inter-agency cooperation and enabling the sharing of resources and information, additional lives can be saved, more property protected and the overall loss to society lowered.

The Emergency Response solution.

Is a flexible end-to-end solution that integrates system solutions for telephone, radio and data communications for customers where 24/7 accessibility and reliability are essential

  • Handles national, regional and district-level operations, and distributes traffic according to pre-configured patterns
  • Enables specialists over a wide area to collaborate, communicate and share information
  • Is an efficient system for Call Taking and Dispatching with precise decision support. The high level of configurability provided enables conformity with any workflow process.
  • Makes it possible to communicate incident information to all involved in true real time, helping staff make the right decisions

The high availability in the Emergency Response solution is based on the concept of multiple Control Rooms with Operator Positions, and multiple System Sites where HW and storage are physically located.

Click here to see the success story from Generalitat Valenciana in Spain on Youtube.

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Secure investment

The Emergency Response solution is a flexible end-to-end solution that can be integrated into any existing communication infrastructure, such as telephony networks, PBX equipment/networks and existing Private Mobile Radio (PMR).

The system is designed to accommodate new functionality and additional organizations or agencies.