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New Power Modules meet increased power and energy monitoring demands

2012-05-21 Categories: Technology
  • New series of Power Interface Modules deliver on promise of greater power handling
  • Extensive range of energy monitoring functionalities via the PMBus
  • New modules handle up to 20A across 36V to 75V input voltage range

Realize opportunities at TM Forum's Management World 2012

2012-05-21 Categories: Industry
  • Enhanced OSS/BSS the key to realizing better user experience, business innovation and operational efficiency
  • Ericsson will demonstrate the breadth and depth of its holistic OSS/BSS portfolio
  • Ericsson’s consultation and systems integration capabilities adds value to its multi-technology and multi-vendor solutions

LTE voice evolution: Phase one. "Circuit-switched fallback. The first phase of voice evolution for mobile LTE services"

2012-05-18 Categories: Industry

As an all-IP data-only transport technology, LTE presents challenges in satisfying established quality of service (QoS) expectations for mobile telephony for LTE-capable smartphones being served on the LTE network.

Transport networks in the cloud age

2012-05-18 Categories: Ericsson Review, Technology
Transport networks in the cloud age

Network convergence, the rise of content distribution networks and the consolidation of service hosting enabled by the cloud-computing model are significantly altering traffic patterns being observed by service providers. These developments, along with changes in the business environment, are driving the choices for technology.

City life: How satisfied are you?

2012-05-14 Categories: Reports, Industry
City Life

A new Ericsson ConsumerLab report looks at what makes a city a desirable place to live.

Building cities for the Networked Society

2012-05-11 Categories: Industry
Building smarter cities

Putting ICT into city planning can help cities in their evolution to become more livable and to cope with the increasing demands imposed by the expanding urban population. This brochure looks at how ICT can open up new opportunities for value creation based on networking and connecting things.

Mobile weather service improves safety of fishermen in Uganda

2012-05-10 Categories: Industry
  • Unique communications, meteorological and community partnership
  • Information technology protects lives and livelihoods

This May 15, capture what is close to you, and share it with the world

2012-05-10 Categories: Industry

For years, people have been documenting everyday life through the medium of photography. First shown in 1955, The Family of Man, one of the world’s most famous photography exhibitions, went on to tour the world for years, giving audiences a glimpse into everyday life in the 1950s. This year A, a global photography project, is encouraging people around the world, whether amateur or professional, to pick up a camera on May 15 and capture everyday moments that are important to them.

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