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Communication will matter even more in the Networked Society. Embrace the new era in communication services with enriched communication based on one identity, enterprise communication, contextual communication, and communication evolution. Read more about how to monetize communication services in a data centric world - how to Reach Beyond!


Open Stack as the API framework for NFV: the benefits, and the extensions needed

 OpenStack as the API framework for NFV

Use of virtualization and cloud computing is becoming increasing popular as these techniques can dramatically reduce time-to-market. However, the transformation to VNF services and deployment scenarios needs an API framework – and OpenStack is a suitable candidate. But is it enough, and what improvements are needed?

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Internet of Things - A great business opportunity

Internet of things

  • Retail & Consumers' perspective:
  • Consumers expect an IoT
  • ICT & The Future of Retail
  • Operator's perspective:
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • White paper:
  • Exploring potential operator roles
  • Partnerships & Launches:
  • Bridge Alliance & Ericsson partner to fuel the Internet of Things
  • Global M2M Association and Ericsson demonstrate connectivity solution for IOT
  • Ooredoo and Ericsson launch M2M platform in Indonesia
  • Products:
  • Device Connection Platform
  • People power: how to make India's (and the world's) cities truly smart

    People power

     Smart cities are the only answer to urban population crisis in India – but flicking a switch or signing a bill isn’t enough. For city planners in India and across the world, real smartness can only be created through a community revolution.

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    Next-Generation Data Center Infrastructure

    Next Generation Data Center Infrastructure 

    The companies that have already accomplished this transformation are public cloud providers such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. Operators and enterprises can also adopt hyperscale infrastructure that enables a more optimized lifecycle management and a lower total cost of ownership.

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    Wi-Fi calling – extending the reach of VoLTE to Wi-Fi

    Wifi Calling

     Using untrusted Wi-Fi to carry voice and video communication is an opportunity to extend current voice and video calling over LTE (VoLTE/ViLTE) services in, for example, indoor locations where cellular coverage may be spotty. Closely aligned with VoLTE architecture, Wi-Fi calling supports mobility between LTE and Wi-Fi accesses making the resulting user experience a seamless one, and offers a scalable deployment opportunity for network operators.

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    Communications as a Cloud Service

    Communications as a cloud service

     Software as a Service (SaaS) is a promising solution for overcoming the challenges of implementing and managing new network technologies and services like voice over LTE. The SaaS approach can provide substantial savings in terms of cost and lead-time, and create a new source of revenue for service providers.

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    Enriched Communication

    This Enhanced communication services solution evolves and co-exists with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and delivers attractive use cases on all broadband networks. This IMS based solution is modular ...

    Key Products

    HD voice

    HD voice is a common marketing name for all technologies that improve the speech quality for mobile and fixed telephone calls to the next level.

    In-Browser Communication

    Ericsson and Mozilla is bringing a unique operator web offering to operators, by enabling operators to distribute their communication offering inside the Firefox browser. Ericsson ...

    Location Based Services

    Ericsson’s Location Based Services end-to-end offering provides everything you need to capitalize on the growing demand for location-enhanced communications.

    Mobile Telephony Evolution with VoLTE

    Ericsson Mobile Telephony Evolution with VoLTE is a business solution that provides operators with a complete solution to evolve their voice business towards an all-IP ...

    Mobile Unified Communication

    Enabling operators to deliver high-quality business telephony with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) support, contact management with corporate directory integration and presence and conferencing and ...

    Networks Software

    Our Networks Software is our coordinated network-wide software launches and it's focused on enhancing network performance and enabling operator growth. Each release contains a number of new and ...

    PSTN to IP

    For operators, deciding why, how, and when to modernize legacy PSTN networks is a key question. Success is measured through their ability to handle different technical, CAPEX and OPEX ...

    Regulatory Solutions

    Our regulatory solutions ensure you are compliant with regulatory requirements. In a cost-efficient and secure way we protect your legally mandated operations.

    SIP Trunking

    Ericsson SIP Trunking provides network operators the ability to connect enterprise PBX’s to telecom networks using IP based bearer connections in place of traditional E1 or T1 ...

    Wi-Fi Calling

    With Wi-Fi calling enabled smartphones, users can make calls using their regular operator telephony service at home over their own Wi-Fi access point. Ericsson ...

    Ericsson at NFV World Congress 2015

    NFV World Congress 2015

    Ericsson is a gold sponsor at the NFV World Congress in San Jose, CA on May 5 -8, 2015.

  • May 5 - OPNV Code - Chris Price
  • May 6 - NFV Applications - Anders Olin
  • May 7 - NFV Infrastructure - Jeff White
  • May 8 - NFV & SDN - Elisa Bellagamba
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    Ericsson at OpenStack Summit 2015

    OpenStack Summit 2015

    Ericsson s a spotlight sponsor at OpenStack Summit in Vancouver on May 18-22, 2015. Ericsson will be in Stand 7 showcasing how the Ericsson Cloud is Powering the Digital Industrialization of Modern Businesses.

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    New Product Launch

    Ericsson HDS 8000

    Ericsson HDS 8000 is a new generation of hyperscale datacenter systems that uses Intel® Rack Scale Architecture for a disaggregated hardware approach to dramatically improve efficiency, utilization, automation and total cost of ownership.

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