Ericsson Personalized Greeting Service

In the networked society, people live and communicate on the web and want to communicate with each other and other things in an fast and easy controlled way. We believe in reshaping communication to be intuitive and fit peoples own terms, giving them more control over their lives.

Executive Summary

Consumers spend more and more time 'on-mobile' while at the same time their way of communicating is changing from making announcements to sharing everyday experiences. The Ringback channel is an excellent channel for sharing those experiences or to stay informed. Therefore, evolving traditional ringback tone offerings and business models into better and more user centric (multimedia) ringback services will enable operators to increase revenue from multiple sources and to address a large segment of consumers as well as enterprises and advertisers.

Introducing calling party ringback offerings and extending media clip categories to include music, video but also infotainment, news and targeted advertisements will expand the ringback business significantly.

An innovative smartphone and/or social media app will boost easy of use and visibility and thereby stimulate usage uptake considerably among the fast growing segment of smartphone and tablet users.

User experience

Express yourself
Multimedia Ringback enables a simple way for individuals to stamp their own personality on their communications through playing any type of media content towards anyone calling them. Full freedom of choice in audio, video or content type such as music, video or advertisements is at disposal of the subscriber.

Entertain or Reward yourself
Consumers preferring to listen to their own content when making voice or video calls can make use of a calling party offering which they can tune to their liking. Play your own music- or reward yourself with a wide range of benefits by listening to relevant ads while you wait for your call to be answered? It is possible with Multimedia Ringback.

Inform yourself
Consumers that prefer to be informed rather than being entertained can chose to listen to short news items, sports results, important personal reminders and other information selected based on their own profile and personal preferences, while they wait for their call to be answered.

Promote yourself
For enterprises, Multimedia Ringback can be used to develop customer-specific messages building brand value and increasing customer intimacy. These messages are being played with phone calls made to your company.

Customer benefits

Differentiation and new business models
Multimedia Ringback enables you to tap into new media and advertising driven revenue streams. Due to the nature of the ringback channel, only you the operator can provide this type of service as the ringback channel is yours and you are controlling the access of content providers towards your subscriber base. The service enables quick returns on investments through service, content revenue and advertising fees.

Innovative channel use
The ringback channel can be monetized in different ways using the Multimedia Ringback solution: in all cases content is played towards the calling party but the service subscriber can be either the calling party themselves or the called party. And the content to be played can be selected based on the subscribers own album, enterprise message or subscriber profile match (infotainment, advertisements). All deployments are supported in Multimedia Ringback. By innovating the business model revenues can originate from consumers, enterprises and advertisers.