Integrated Receiver Decoders

Ericsson's receiver portfolio offers a range of products which together cover the requirements of any installation, from the smallest to the largest. From the most basic standard definition system to state-of-the-art high definition services including MPEG-4 AVC - our receivers provide a unique level of features and flexibility allowing direct connection to almost any type of delivery network, multi-service decryption, data reception, with remote control options which ensure that the management of the receiver population can be carried out with minimal effort.


productRef4: fgc_101_1027

RX8200 Family

Broadcasters need to deploy receivers for many different tasks in many different operational circumstances.  Ericsson's RX82xx family of receivers offers ultimate operational ...

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RX8300 Family

The Ericsson RX8300 range of Distribution Receivers are perfectly optimized for receiving and turning round content off air - decoding video content and descrambling transport streams for ...

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RX9500 Family

Ericsson’s RX9500 Bulk Descrambler provides Cable, IPTV, and other Direct to Home operators with the capability to efficiently turn-around encrypted and free to air content from satellite ...