QoS helps Entel stay competitive

2011-04-08 Categories: Industry

Having a network that allows for subscriber and service differentiation is now becoming a necessity.

Entel, one of Chile’s largest providers of mobile broadband services, has seen subscriber and traffic growth double in the past year. This has naturally been good for business, but to maintain its competitive edge, Entel is now focusing its energies on service differentiation and quality of service (QoS).

Rodrigo Freire, Head of Mobile Core Network at Entel in Chile, says that QoS allows Entel to differentiate between subscribers and between services. “We are using every QoS feature available from Ericsson today,” he says.

Offering the best user experience means having the right systems to control availability, speed, and quality of connection. Ericsson is one of very few vendors – perhaps the only one – that has screen-to-server systems, expertise and experience across every aspect of mobile broadband connectivity.