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Driving service evolution in the age of smartphones

2013-12-10 Categories: Ericsson Business Review
Hiroyasu Asami

Hiroyasu Asami, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Smart-Life Business Division for NTT DOCOMO, talks about how the Japanese operator has faced the challenges and opportunities that smartphones create in terms of services, and how he expects the company’s services to develop in the future.

5G signals a new phase of the connectivity revolution

2013-10-03 Categories: Ericsson Business Review
5G signals a new phase of the connectivity revolution

5G will integrate new and existing radio-access technologies, rather than be based on a single breakthrough technology, and this will mark the next phase of a radically transformative global process – the connectivity revolution. And while it’s too early to know exactly what 5G will mean for individual players or industries, there is no doubt it will disrupt value chains and enable new opportunities on an unprecedented scale both within and across industries.

The digital dividend: the Australian perspective

2012-06-11 Categories: Ericsson Business Review

Spectrum availability and harmonization are vital to the commercial success of mobile broadband and LTE. This goal is not yet secured however, with different band plans competing for adoption.

How the world’s largest operator aims to jump one generation

2011-06-10 Categories: Ericsson Business Review
China Mobile’s straight-talking Bill Huang, sees a fundamental change ahead in the way 4G is driven by operators

Why Chinese 4G matters to the rest of the world

2011-02-07 Categories: Ericsson Business Review

Time-division LTE (TD-LTE) represents China’s bid to take a global leadership role in 4G. However, TD-LTE is not only of interest to the Chinese. Other countries are also in the mix.

The many faces of 4G

2011-02-07 Categories: Ericsson Business Review

The rollout of LTE provides essential lessons in how telecom technology is marketed to consumers. 4G has become a very important advertising term, although it is more flexible that ever.

Regulators beware: Don't short-circuit mobile broadband

2010-06-22 Categories: Ericsson Business Review

Decisions about frequencies are sometimes made as a compromise between different interest groups. This is an alarming pattern that could offset the benefits of global standards.