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Mobile weather service improves safety of fishermen in Uganda

2012-05-10 Categories: Industry
  • Unique communications, meteorological and community partnership
  • Information technology protects lives and livelihoods

This May 15, capture what is close to you, and share it with the world

2012-05-10 Categories: Industry

For years, people have been documenting everyday life through the medium of photography. First shown in 1955, The Family of Man, one of the world’s most famous photography exhibitions, went on to tour the world for years, giving audiences a glimpse into everyday life in the 1950s. This year A, a global photography project, is encouraging people around the world, whether amateur or professional, to pick up a camera on May 15 and capture everyday moments that are important to them.

Ericsson works with regional wireless operators to bring benefits of LTE to rural America

2012-05-08 Categories: Industry
  • LTE networks to deliver mobile broadband to residents and businesses in rural and underserved communities across the United States and its territories
  • Ericsson is the technology and services leader in working with regional carriers to bring benefits of LTE to consumers
  • Enabling communication for all is part of Ericsson’s Networked Society vision

Ericsson pushes NFC market forward with a Development kit for testing applications

2012-05-04 Categories: Portfolio
  • With the TSM development kit it’s now possible to test NFC Applications in a live controlled environment
  • The secure element creates a trusted environment for NFC applications
  • Enhances the ability to test access control, payment and ticketing applications

Ericsson names three new inventors of the year

2012-05-03 Categories: Industry
Ericsson names three new inventors of the year

Three Ericsson employees who submitted in all 275 patents within radio technology have been named “Inventors of the Year.” It is the 17th consecutive year that Ericsson puts the spotlight on individuals with exceptional ideas and contributions to the company’s industry-leading patent portfolio.

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