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U.S. Cellular expands 4G LTE network in five states with Ericsson

2014-02-25 Categories: Industry, Technology
  • Extends coverage to new cities in five states, and expands coverage in cities including Madison, Wis., Portland, Maine and Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Marks third wave of 4G LTE network expansion for U.S. Cellular and its partner, King Street Wireless
  • Expands strong relationship between Ericsson and U.S. Cellular

Ericsson Networks Software 14B

2014-02-12 Categories: Technology, Industry
Ericsson Networks Software 14B

Find out how much telecom networks software impacts a day in a smartphone users life.

Telstra and Ericsson conduct live stadium trial of LTE broadcast

2014-01-31 Categories: Industry, Technology
  • High-quality, live-video coverage delivered to multiple users at the Melbourne Cricket Ground by Telstra using Ericsson’s LTE Broadcast solution
  • Enhanced end-user experience with three, live video streams offering specialized broadcast content to participants
  • LTE Broadcast solution in stadiums increases brand value for content owners/rights holders and enables new revenue streams for network operators

Telstra and Ericsson complete world’s first live test of APT700 band

2014-01-24 Categories: Technology, Industry
  • Telstra and Ericsson have made the world’s first data session on Digital Dividend APT700 spectrum using a pre-release LTE smartphone on a commercial mobile network
  • Telstra readies 4G network in preparation for Australian release of APT700 spectrum on January 1, 2015

Orange Jordan selects Ericsson sustainable solutions to boost network performance

2014-01-15 Categories: Industry
  • Orange selects Ericsson’s innovative solutions to transform its network in Jordan
  • Ericsson provides sustainable solution with efficient power consumption
  • Orange to deploy Ericsson SSR 8000 family technology to upgrade its packet core network and enhance connectivity for subscribers

Unitel and Ericsson demo Africa’s first LTE-Advanced Technology

2014-01-14 Categories: Industry, Technology
  • Unitel and Ericsson demonstrate Africa’s first data transmission on combined 1800MHz and 900MHz spectrum bands on a commercial network
  • LTE Advanced technology helps Unitel match its spectrum assets, while enabling higher data speeds to increase network capacity and enhance end-user experience
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