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Telefónica Ireland: Understanding the Customer Journey

2014-03-28 Categories: Industry

Interviewed at the Ericsson OSS/BSS Summit, Stephen Reidy, Head of Strategy & Consulting at Telefónica Ireland shared with us their customer experience strategy.

The real-time cloud - combining cloud, NFV and service provider SDN

2014-02-20 Categories: White Papers, Technology
The real-time cloud - combining cloud, NFV and service provider SDN

Cloud-based services provide an opportunity for network operators to add value and improve the timeliness and quality with which they deliver enterprise services and applications – whether through more efficient telecom and internal IT services or value-added cloud services for consumers and enterprises. Cloud-based services also allow operators to ensure rapid service creation and rollout by delivering new levels of flexibility, scalability and responsiveness. This will satisfy growing user expectations for new innovative services with high QoE, while handling ever-increasing traffic loads.

Next generation OSS/BSS architecture

2013-11-25 Categories: Ericsson Review, Technology
Next generation OSS/BSS architecture

When two large companies merge, it often takes a while – years in some cases – before processes get redesigned to span all departments, and the new organization settles into a lean and profitable machine. And the same is true of OSS/BSS. These systems have been designed for two different purposes: to keep the network operational and to keep it profitable. But today’s demanding networks need the functions of both of these systems to work together, and to work across the varying lifecycles of products and services.

Ericsson named number one telecoms software leader by Analysys Mason

2013-10-30 Categories: Recognitions & Awards
  • Annual Analysys Mason market share report cites Ericsson as worldwide overall leader in telecoms software revenue
  • Ericsson ranked first globally in numerous market segments, including service fulfillment, service delivery platforms, and network management systems
  • Top ranking driven by strong global demand for Ericsson’s market-leading products combined with its consulting and systems integration capabilities

Ooredoo: Fast, Agile OSS/BSS are Critical in Today’s Competitive Market

2013-10-25 Categories: Industry
Ooredoo: Fast, Agile OSS/BSS are Critical in Today’s Competitive Market

Ivo Bures and Timo Tapani Sytela, Ooredoo, discuss how today’s competitive market requires that operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS) help telecom operators be fast, flexible and in control.

Ericsson named Revenue Management Solution Leader by Analysys Mason

2013-10-10 Categories: Recognitions & Awards
  • Ericsson cited as worldwide leader in revenue management product revenue in Analysys Mason’s annual report on revenue management market share
  • Report also ranks Ericsson first globally in prepaid billing and mediation
  • Top ranking demonstrates strong global demand for Ericsson’s market-leading products and expertise

The need for speed – Ooredoo’s success in a changing market

2013-10-03 Categories: Ericsson Business Review
The need for speed – Ooredoo’s success in a changing market

For an operator, being agile means being fast and flexible enough to remain in control and gain the time it needs to look ahead and deliver great experiences, says Ivo Bures, of the Qatar-based operator Ooredoo. And operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) are the key to both meeting the challenge of growth and turning it into opportunity.

Etisalat Egypt and Ericsson celebrate successful deployment of customized charging and billing services

2013-09-26 Categories: Industry
  • Etisalat had selected Ericsson to enable billing and customer interaction flexibility with its subscribers and enterprise customers in Egypt
  • Mobile Broadband Charging and Charging System 5.0, Ericsson’s most advanced real time charging system, now serve Etisalat customers with customized services functionality
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