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Ericsson demonstrates mobile card issuance capability with partners Aconite and Zenius

2012-06-13 Categories: Portfolio
  • World’s first OTA (over-the-air) multi-card mobile payments solution at NFC Payments Europe 2012 London, 13-14 June
  • Demonstration of Ericsson TSM service using Aconite MoAM™ Service Provider and Zenius wallet technology for personalization of payment applications
  • Simplifies card issuance on different kinds of Secure Elements

Ericsson to run NFC access control pilot in the Electrum building at Kista Science City near Stockholm

2012-06-11 Categories: Portfolio
  • Staff, researchers and students can now gain access to facilities using a mobile phone with NFC-capabilities
  • The Telcred access control system works with both contactless smart cards and NFC phones
  • Strong security with both online and offline lock controllers at EIT ICT Labs, Stockholm

Ericsson and Aconite collaborate to enable mobile contactless payments

2012-06-01 Categories: Portfolio
  • Aconite has integrated to Ericsson’s Trusted Service Manager (TSM)
  • Enables deployment and personalization of payment applications into GlobalPlatform secure elements
  • Financial institutions and other service providers can now easily deploy their services for the rapidly growing mobile NFC ecosystem

Ericsson pushes NFC market forward with a Development kit for testing applications

2012-05-04 Categories: Portfolio
  • With the TSM development kit it’s now possible to test NFC Applications in a live controlled environment
  • The secure element creates a trusted environment for NFC applications
  • Enhances the ability to test access control, payment and ticketing applications

Florence becomes first Italian city to implement mobile ticketing

2012-03-30 Categories: Case stories
  • System operated in partnership with Ericsson, TIM, Vodafone, Wind and 3 Italia
  • Passengers can buy public transport tickets via text message and charge it to their mobile account
  • Ericsson to provide mobile ticketing technology and systems integration services

Ericsson launches In Application Payment to give consumers more payment choices

2011-10-11 Categories: Portfolio
  • In Application Payment makes paying easy, fast and safe for both consumers and application retailers. Easy for the retailer to change prices to quickly respond to market
  • Makes it simple to adapt to the payment complexity of different carrier networks around the world
  • Supports a range of payment option for the consumer, such as try before you buy, In app purchase and virtual currencies

Velti, UK: Instant Impact

2011-10-06 Categories: Case stories

Velti helps its customers communicate and engage with consumers around the world

Ericsson IPX Presents at MMA Forum New York

2011-07-26 Categories: Industry
A Coca-Cola vending machine with mobile payments enabled by Ericsson IPX caused a stir at this year’s event, illustrating the power of operator billing for purchasing physical goods.

Expand Your Mobile Footprint Today with IPX

2011-07-26 Categories: Industry
Launch PSMS, MMS, FTEU, WAP-Billing Programs Across US Carriers

Ericsson IPX Launches ‘Detailed View’ Analysis Tool

2011-07-26 Categories: Industry
Add-on to Reporting and Statistics tool enables deeper and more focussed analysis to help premium content providers maximise revenues
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