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dtac, Thailand - a radical move that paid off

2014-04-14 Categories: Case stories
dtac, Thailand - a radical move that paid off

Thailand’s second- largest mobile operator, dtac, asked Ericsson to transform its business and swap out the aging network equipment ,enabling an upgrade from 2G to 3G and LTE. With the goal of building the best network in Thailand, dtac was able to substantially grow its subscriber base, while also increasing customer satisfaction and preparing its operation to better manage rich data.

Guiding principles for security in a networked society

2014-02-21 Categories: White Papers, Technology
Guiding principles for security in a Networked Society

To fulfill the potential of the Networked Society, billions of people must be able to trust that communication networks are reliable and that the information carried over them is secure.

Cooperative Caching Scheme for Content Oriented Networking

2014-02-07 Categories: Conference papers

In this letter, we propose a novel cooperative caching scheme for the next-generation Internet — content oriented networking (CON), trying to minimize the content access delay for mobile users. We formulate the caching problem as a mixed integer programming model and propose a heuristic solution based on Lagrangian relaxation. Simulation results show that this scheme can greatly reduce content access delay.

YouTube Traffic Content Analysis in the Perspective of Clip Category and Duration

2014-02-07 Categories: Conference papers

In this work, we study YouTube traffic characteristics in a medium-sized Swedish residential municipal network that has ~2600 mainly FTTH broadband-connected households. YouTube traffic analyses were carried out in the perspective of video clip category and duration, in order to understand their impact on the potential local network caching gains.

Big Data for Development

2013-10-02 Categories: Industry, Technology
Robert Kirkpatrick

Robert Kirkpatrick, Director of the United Nations Global Pulse, speaks about the opportunity big data presents to help communities develop in a more sustainable way.

Ericsson at Social Good Summit and beyond during UN Week

2013-09-27 Categories: Industry, Technology
Hans Vestberg

Ericsson President and CEO Hans Vestberg has been in New York talking about technology and peace and sustainable development.

Bloggers comment on the #2030NOW Social Good Summit

2013-09-23 Categories: Industry, Technology
David Hartman

Social media specialists such as David Hartman from Save the Children speak about the #2030Now Social Good Summit.

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