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Ericsson demonstrates HD Voice over TD-LTE with commercial Sony smartphone

2013-06-27 Categories: Industry
  • High-Definition voice over LTE call on a commercial TD-LTE smartphone
  • Demonstrated video calling over a TD-LTE network
  • Used commercially available Sony 5-mode/13-band LTE phone

China Mobile and Ericsson first to verify TD-LTE uplink coordinated multipoint

2013-03-20 Categories: Industry, Technology
  • China Mobile and Ericsson have recently succeeded in fully verifying the UL CoMP (Uplink Coordinated Multipoint) in the TD-LTE (LTE TDD) trial network
  • The first vendor to introduce UL CoMP into TD-LTE globally
  • UL CoMP is one of the key technologies of LTE Advanced system

Ericsson assisted China Mobile with first TD-LTE roaming services between Hong Kong and mainland China

2012-12-19 Categories: Industry, Technology

Today, China Mobile officially launched its TD-LTE commercial networks in Hong Kong. At the event, Ericsson showcased a series of innovative applications based on TD-LTE data roaming, having supported China Mobile in realizing the first ever such service between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, a city in China’s Guangdong Province.

First Converged LTE FDD/TDD Network launched by China Mobile Hong Kong and partner Ericsson

2012-12-19 Categories: Industry, Technology
  • China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) launches the world’s first converged LTE FDD/TDD network with Ericsson as its supplier
  • Ericsson demonstrated the world’s first live seamless bi-directional LTE FDD/TDD interworking on the converged LTE FDD/TDD network
  • The launch not only benefits CMHK as the leading operator in Hong Kong but also subscribers and the industry ecosystem
  • The Converged Network pushes new boundaries in 4G network capacity helping to support the most demanding subscribers in Hong Kong

Ericsson demos LTE Advanced for TDD using Carrier Aggregation

2012-11-07 Categories: Technology
  • Ericsson demonstrates LTE Advanced for TDD to China Mobile, using carrier aggregation and reaching a peak downlink speed of over 220Mbps
  • Commitment to continue providing excellent user experience in markets where mobile broadband traffic, cloud and video services are growing fast
  • Demonstration uses commercially available equipment for carrier aggregation on TDD of 2x20MHz, according to 3GPP standard Release 10 (LTE Advanced)

Ericsson demonstrates first enhanced voice fallback for LTE TDD (TD-LTE)

2012-10-03 Categories: Technology, Industry
  • Circuit Switched Fall Back (CSFB) from LTE TDD (TD-LTE) to GSM based on Release 9 of the 3GPP standard offers LTE devices enhanced support for voice and SMS, using the broadly installed base of GSM networks
  • Live, public demonstration at the PT Expo in Beijing was held with Ericsson LTE TDD network and Qualcomm chipset
  • Supports development of LTE multi-mode devices, providing better user experience through the implementation of Release 9 CSFB in the network and device