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LTE explained

2014-03-20 Categories: Industry, Technology
LTE explained

LTE (long term evolution) provides the fastest mobile broadband services commercially available today. But have you ever wondered how it works? Ericsson has created a video that explains not only how LTE works but also what benefits it has for the end-user.

Analysis of User Demand Patterns and Locality for YouTube Traffic

2014-02-07 Categories: Conference papers

Video content, of which YouTube is a major part, constitutes a large share of residential Internet traffic. In this paper, we analyse the user demand patterns for YouTube in two metropolitan access networks with more than 1 million requests over three consecutive weeks in the first network and more than 600,000 requests over four consecutive weeks in the second network.

Growing without Pain

2013-06-19 Categories: Ericsson Business Review

Boosting network capacity to meet increased demand is no easy task. Network growth requires long-term planning – and demand can be erratic.

How operators can regain their relevance

2013-06-19 Categories: Ericsson Business Review
How operators can regain their relevance

Operators have a tendency to look inward rather than outward, and often fail to connect with and inspire their customers. In order to compete in our consumerist world, they need to pay closer attention to innovation and design.

Increasing connectivity to boost multiscreen options, says digital media company Terra

2012-12-28 Categories: Industry
Paulo Castro

Paulo Castro, the CEO of digital media company Terra, predicts the popularity of anytime, anywhere interactive video content will result in consumers being offered more device screens for consumer to enjoy their content.

Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan: Any place any screen

2012-08-20 Categories: Case stories
Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan

Chunghwa Telecom first in Taiwan to launch multiscreen television service

Tata Sky, India: More content - more choice

2012-07-30 Categories: Case stories
Tata India
Tata Sky first in India to launch a Video On Demand Service, offering enhanced choice and flexibility.

The Voice of the Consumer

2012-03-13 Categories: Industry
The Voice of the Consumer

In this video, several researchers at Ericsson ConsumerLab explain how they work, reveal some of their latest insights and present the value that ConsumerLab brings to the table.

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