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Ericsson IPX Wins Meffys Award

2011-07-26 Categories: Industry
Alongside partner Velti, IPX was named a winner at this year’s Meffys Awards for its work on A&N Media’s Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Ericsson IPX Launches Mobile Payments with Social Network

2011-07-26 Categories: Industry
IPX is enabling Badoo subscribers across the UK to make mobile payments for premium features and services

Telstra switches on first LTE network on 1800MHz in Australia

2011-05-30 Categories: Corporate, Technology

Telstra has switched on the first 4G/LTE base stations in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. 4G data has been sent over the LTE network for the first time outside of field trials, making Telstra the first Australian telco to deploy 4G technology into its wireless network.

Getting ‘passionate’ about HD voice

2011-04-29 Categories: Industry, Portfolio

Voice quality never stood in the way of the mobile phone’s nearly universal adoption, but when it improves, consumers want to talk more often – or for longer periods.

Network Advantage a lesson for other CSPs

2011-04-08 Categories: Portfolio, Case stories
Network Advantage a lesson for other CSPs

According to Yankee Group, Sprint’s groundbreaking Network Advantage initiative should be a model for other communication service providers (CSPs) and proves that the focus of managed services is shifting from pure cost savings to more strategic, long-term benefits.

New study evaluates business models for over-the-top video services

2011-03-23 Categories: Industry, Technology
  • Ericsson and Network Strategy Partners, Inc., conducted a detailed business analysis on cloud-based over the top (OTT) video delivery, which is expected to dominate the network traffic for years to come.
  • Study analyzes five different scenarios based on various economic and technical variables and provides business results based on multiple parameters.
  • Two-sided business model, which promotes the creation of open platforms, delivers the highest ROI.

At the crossroads of chaos: interview with Faisal Galaria

2011-02-07 Categories: Ericsson Business Review

Spotify is trying to create a sustainable music business model built on ultra-fast streaming. Network operators should take note.

Dialog on leadership: control is not enough

2011-02-07 Categories: Ericsson Business Review

Telecom leadership has been centered on controlled processes but as a quicker pace of change and greater competition become the norm in the industry, leadership is in great need of change.

Enter the new video – no longer the medium you once knew

2011-02-07 Categories: Ericsson Business Review

Visual communication has long been a part of the standard vision of the future. It is a very basic form of communication, but video as a telecom service has so far failed to deliver. The reasons for this are no longer valid.

In search of the sweet spot

2011-02-07 Categories: Ericsson Business Review

As subscriber numbers and traffic levels soar, the question for mobile broadband now becomes how to maintain customer satisfaction, as well as drive new revenue opportunities.

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