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Combining technology and services to embrace change

2014-01-13 Categories: Portfolio
Combining technology and services to embrace change

We might think that things are changing fast, but the truth is that they will never change this slowly again. With the information and communications technology (ICT) industry in transformation – where telecom and IT meet – new skills are needed, requiring a combination of technology and services.

LTE for utilities - supporting smart grids

2013-09-10 Categories: White Papers, Technology
LTE for utilities - supporting smart grids

The introduction of smart meters and smart grid sensors demands a cost-effective and easily deployed communications solution. Laboratory and field tests have demonstrated that LTE networks successfully meet the technical requirements for smart grid communications.

Service Enablement explained - enable the agile business ecosystem

2013-08-16 Categories: Portfolio

To enable the Networked Society, ecosystems need to evolve. They need to connect to new and larger ecosystems to create the marketplace of tomorrow. The solution to make this happen is what we call Service Enablement.

Creating new opportunities with Square Logics

2013-01-29 Categories: Industry, Portfolio

Ericsson’s Square Logics aim to inspire operators, vertical industries and public institutions to capture new business opportunities and address global challenges.

Broadband transforming music industry

2012-12-20 Categories: Industry

Record companies’ views on downloading music have been transformed thanks to the influence and consumer benefits of broadband. Universal Music Sweden’s Niklas Twetman explains why – and how the record label came to partner music streaming service Spotify.

Ericsson Business Review no 3. 2012 - The power of change

2012-11-05 Categories: Ericsson Business Review

Energy is at the heart of most of the things we do – so the radical process of change that our energy systems are undergoing concerns us all in one way or another. It is a change that goes far beyond solar panels and smart meters. Completely new market models are being created – and things are starting to move really fast. This issue’s theme takes a closer look at the challenges that utility companies face as they press ahead with smart-grid initiatives, adding sophisticated communications networks to the transmission and distribution power grid. And as yet another industry reinvents itself through ICT, this is by no means just a technological challenge. It involves the ability to connect really closely to consumers’ needs and behaviors – as well as to socioeconomic and environmental goals.

An app a day keeps the doctor away

2012-11-05 Categories: Ericsson Business Review

Meet the doctor who believes that a smartphone could help save lives – and the US health-care system.

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