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Hackathon winner puts fun into math learning

2012-09-26 Categories: Technology, Industry
Hackathon winner puts fun into math learning

Ericsson and AT&T hosted a 36-hour coding challenge in lower Manhattan this weekend, running simultaneously with the Social Good Summit at the 92Y uptown.

M2M Challenge 2012: can you create an M2M-based application good enough to win USD 5,000?

2012-09-18 Categories: Technology, Recognitions & Awards

The Networked Society and a world dominated by machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity is a lot closer than you might think. But what will we do with all those connections? If you have an M2M app idea, the inaugural global M2M Challenge, with a top prize of USD 5000, could help you play a role in changing the future of business.

Ericsson sets the power standard in advanced bus converters

2012-09-12 Categories: Technology
  • Ericsson’s Advanced Bus Converter footprint developed for robustness and low power losses
  • Highest installed based worldwide for digitally controlled PMBus DC/DC converters
  • Advanced Bus Converter footprint ready for extended functionality

Vodafone Spain: Sharing richer communications

2012-07-27 Categories: Case stories
Vodafone Spain: Sharing richer communications

Vodafone Spain collaborates with competitors to launch superior services that span all networks, operators and devices.

Ericsson Unveils New High-Density Digital Power Module for Highly Efficient Power Consumption Control

2012-07-10 Categories: Portfolio
  • New digital power module embeds ‘Ericsson DC/DC Energy Optimizer’ to deliver industry-leading energy-saving performance
  • Output voltage is a tightly regulated +/-2% over the full operational range from 36V to 75V
  • High and very flat efficiency curve from low- to full-load operation
  • Very fast response loop to input voltage transients
  • Output power up to 300W for datacom applications

Ericsson Introduces New Power Design Toolbox to Deliver Board Energy Savings

2012-06-27 Categories: Portfolio
  • New ‘3E Design Toolbox’ offers set of five modules that can be interconnected or operated as stand-alone devices
  • Industry’s first set of interconnected modules to optimize energy distribution reducing energy consumption
  • New and comprehensive toolbox reduces time-to-learn and time-to-market for implementation of significant board-level power savings

World Refugee Day 2012

2012-06-21 Categories: Industry

Antonio Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees discusses how technology can aid empowerment and how Refugees United has helped the cause of many refugees.

Ericsson Unveils New Digital Advanced Bus Converter Lowering Power Consumption

2012-06-06 Categories: Technology
  • Highly advanced firmware contributes significant reduction in energy consumption
  • Tightly regulated output voltage (±2%) over the full operational range of 36V to 75V
  • High efficiency from low-load to full-load operation and very fast response loop to input voltage transients
  • Output power up to 468W for datacom applications

Health care and painting apps win top prizes in 2012 Ericsson Application Awards

2012-05-22 Categories: Technology, Recognitions & Awards
  • Mobile health-care app developed in Africa wins first prize in the company category
  • Painting and chatting app wins first prize in the student category
  • Medico-social platform that provides access to medical information wins Technology for Good prize

New Power Modules meet increased power and energy monitoring demands

2012-05-21 Categories: Technology
  • New series of Power Interface Modules deliver on promise of greater power handling
  • Extensive range of energy monitoring functionalities via the PMBus
  • New modules handle up to 20A across 36V to 75V input voltage range
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