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Are your operations and business support systems flexible enough to take you forward? We know from experience that agile OSS/BSS lead to improved efficiency, innovation, and customer loyalty. Let us help you realize your tomorrow, today.

Enable your business to reach its full potential with & business intellegence.
. discusses why operators need to change their approach to service delivery in the .
kicks off next month! Join us as we showcase the latest disruptive technologies in the digital ecosystem.
Jason Marchek of shares his view on why transformation is key to delivering a great .
Now is the time for operators to secure their position in the value chain. New blog post:
What are the opportunities for operators when partnering in the new digital landscape?
A centralized product catalog is the first step in enabling true .
What impact does & have on and networks?
Turn the into a source of operational & service innovation. Let us show you how:
Mobility & services require new approaches when defining and enforcing .
Choice, & -- Adan Pope discusses what consumers expect from CSPs in the .
How can operators keep up with the fast rate of change in customer tastes? The answer is true .
An industrialized catalog framework brings consistency to how you orchestrate service provisioning.
To fully realize the benefits of and , software will have to work harder and do more.
We talk Catalog-driven Ethernet Services this week at .
Use your assets to quickly enable flexibility at a lower cost -- New blog post:
In 20 min: Grant Lenahan talks End-to-end Orchestration for combined & Ethernet services. See you there!
We see three main areas where can result in lucrative improvements.
Don't Fly Blind Through the : Avoid the Pitfalls of Virtualization.
Ordering Ethernet Services involving two or more operators is often a cumbersome process. Let us help you simplify it.
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November 14, 2014
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