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Are your operations and business support systems flexible enough to take you forward? We know from experience that agile OSS/BSS lead to improved efficiency, innovation, and customer loyalty. Let us help you realize your tomorrow, today.

Ericsson to bet on for telecoms and enterprises. highlighted. via
Are you preparing your for the shared-plan future? Take a look at our latest report on shared data plans:
Last day at ! One more chance to swing by Ericsson booth 502A and visit our zone for a demo.
What are the essential ingredients for service innovation? Find out, then visit booth 502A today for a demo
RT : “Ericsson’s could become the Global Brain, the cloud connecter” by
What is the Service Innovation Framework? Learn more, then visit Booth 502A for a demo!
attendees - Did you know we have an website in the local language? Here ya go:
. is being well represented in Moscow! Stop by booth 502A at later today and check out our demos.
RT : If you missed it this morning, here's the Ericsson Q4 and full year 2014 earnings report:…
Agile operators will be shifting their focus from KPIs to the overall quality of the customer experience:
Are you following our showcase page on LinkedIn yet? There's no better time than now, as we gear up for !
See how ICT is disrupting industries and transforming efficiency, w/ the backbone of a strong .
Got a minute? Emmett Long of gives a glimpse into our vision of the . [VIDEO]
Is billing still relevant as the profile of CSP svcs change? & others answer in
1 playlist. 114 videos. It's time to catch up on some .
Great insight from on how CIOs need an IT svcs supermarket, balancing app needs w/ enterprise security.
Great recap of all things at by CMO, Esmeralda Swartz. Check it out:
lets operators replace $$$ physical resources w/ flexible software functions, but orchestration is critical.
At , we launched Service Agility for OSS/BSS and Service Enablement [VIDEO] Psyched for !
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