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Our reflections on the process of becoming an agile operator as the Networked Society becomes a reality. The Ericsson OSS/BSS agility blog.

Telekom Srbija and Ericsson Leading with Convergent Charging & Billing Solution in Serbia

Paving the way for OSS/BSS innovation in the European telco industry.
March, 27 2015 by Chris Yeadon

How to Get a Feature-Rich Billing System without Those High Capital Costs

Deliver more sophisticated services and a simplified customer experience.
March, 23 2015 by Graham Cobb

BSS for the Networked Society

New ways of driving innovation and harnessing the value of the Networked Society.
March, 18 2015 by Chris Yeadon

The IoT Marketplace: Looking Beyond Connected Devices

Today’s leading change-makers are laying the groundwork for the IoT marketplace by creating the infrastructure for a new generation of services.
March, 17 2015 by Esmeralda Swartz

Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud Wins 2015 Global Mobile Award

Enabling service providers to fundamentally transform the driving experience, improve road safety and deliver new business opportunities.
March, 11 2015 by Jonas Nordström

What’s Driving the Transformation to Digital Telco?

The telco ecosystem is undergoing a fundamental transformation – one in which software is playing an increasingly pivotal role in service conception.
March, 10 2015 by Pamela Mallette

Highlighting OSS at Mobile World Congress 2015

Elisabetta Romano shares how OSS tools are enabling leading operators to drive innovation and stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing telco ecosystem.
March, 04 2015 by Pamela Mallette

Meet the Digital Couple

Join us at Mobile World Congress 2015 to learn more about Digital Telco Transformation.
March, 02 2015 by Sebastian Lind

Opening Your Digital Telco Toolbox

Join us at Mobile World Congress to discuss your Digital Telco Transformation journey.
February, 27 2015 by Danilo De Angelis

Big Data, Better Analytics: Ericsson Expert Analytics 15.0 Is Here

Develop and deliver the types of customer experiences that delight users in the Networked Society.
February, 26 2015 by Graham Cobb