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Our reflections on the process of becoming an agile operator as the Networked Society becomes a reality. The Ericsson OSS/BSS agility blog.

20 Years of Consumer Insights and Counting

As Ericsson ConsumerLab Research shows, service providers look to us to solve some of their most complex and demanding service delivery challenges.
May, 21 2015 by Laurie Spiegel

Organizational Agility: It’s More Than Technology

Organizational agility lets you move at Internet speed, be more competitive, efficient & customer-focused, & adapt to a changing business environment.
May, 18 2015 by Peter Schorsch

Enterprise-Wide Catalogs: Improving Operator Agility

Spark New Zealand’s GM of Change and Technology, Dr. Claire Barber, shares their goals and experiences regarding their transformation to agility.
May, 15 2015 by Laurie Spiegel
May, 13 2015 by Peter Engblom

IDC: Telcos Need to Embrace Digital Transformation Now

The ICT ecosystem has undergone a number of stages throughout its existence, and each brings its own set of new opportunities and challenges.
May, 07 2015 by Giuseppe Di Santo

What is Customer Agility?

Customer agility involves leveraging big data to understand & predict customer needs & put customers in control through multi-touchpoint self-care.
May, 05 2015 by Peter Schorsch

Are You Agile enough for Success with NFV?

Cloud, NFV and SDN are completely redefining the way that both network operators and service providers are delivering services.
May, 01 2015 by Pablo L. Martinez

The Service Agility Mandate

Service agility allows you to meet customer demands for new, innovative services that are developed quickly and delivered flawlessly.
April, 28 2015 by Peter Schorsch

What Does It Take to Achieve Network Agility?

Network agility is achievable through next generation technologies and is recognized by telecom executives as a potential source of differentiation.
April, 23 2015 by Peter Schorsch

Knowing the (Net Promoter) Score - And How It Impacts Your Business

As good a tool as Net Promoter Score is, it doesn’t really provide a 360 degree view of customer satisfaction.
April, 21 2015 by Neil Lilley