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Our reflections on the process of becoming an agile operator as the Networked Society becomes a reality. The Ericsson OSS/BSS agility blog.

Hacking for Smart Cities at TM Forum

From Smart utility grids to optimized trash collection, hackers come together to turn cities into Smart Cities at the 2015 TM Forum Hackathon.
August, 20 2015 by Laurie Spiegel

Part 6 Digital Telco Services Lifecycle: Experience-Based Customer Care

Combining OSS/BSS assets and CRM systems to strengthen customer loyalty, improve Net Promoter Score and ultimately drive revenue.
August, 17 2015 by Peter Engblom

Finding the Truth behind the Buzz Words

What do “agility” and “transformation” look like in practice? These aren’t just buzzwords.
August, 13 2015 by Pamela Mallette

Ericsson and Pegasystems: Partnering to Enhance Engagement in Digital Telco Transformation

Delivering personalized and consistent interaction to enhance every phase of a customer’s journey.
July, 23 2015 by Danilo De Angelis

Excel with Experience-Based Pricing

Now is the time to embrace experienced-based pricing - the right service for the right price.
July, 17 2015 by Chris Yeadon

So What’s “Superior Service” Anyway?

Many successful operators are looking for new ways to delight customers through superior customer service.
July, 14 2015 by Jaco Fourie

OSS/BSS Will Drive 5G Success

Evolving OSS/BSS solutions and processes so that operators can meet the specific requirements that 5G networks will present.
July, 07 2015 by Pablo L. Martinez

Services Lifecycle Part 5: Serve Your Customers with Self-Service

How can operators use self-care applications to capitalize by putting customers in control? We dive into the Digital Telco Services Lifecycle.
July, 02 2015 by Peter Engblom

Delivering Innovation with OSS/BSS

Delivering a superior customer experience also means delivering a great service experience.
June, 29 2015 by Jaco Fourie

Services Lifecycle Part 4: Enhanced Customer Experiences through Value Adding Partnerships

How can agile operators get their fair share of growth by monetizing their assets and capabilities? We believe the answer is Service Exposure.
June, 17 2015 by Peter Engblom