Our experts take a personal look at the main topics and trends within OSS/BSS. Join the conversation about innovation, efficiency, customer experience, and creating new revenue streams.

CMO Telenor Sweden: Extending the Customer Experience

What does it mean to expand the customer experience? Arild Kaale, CMO of Telenor Sweden shares why he thinks customer experience is so important.
July, 21 2014 by Sebastian Lind

The Final Piece of the Puzzle: Customer Assurance

Intelligent customer assurance adopts a 3-D approach, utilizing fresh data from across the business spectrum.
July, 16 2014 by Neil Lilley

Agile Thinking: Innovatively Integrating People, Systems and Data

B-Wired’s General Manager Dean Hiine shares why innovative integration of people, systems, and data is business critical.
July, 09 2014 by Pehr Claesson

Integrated Policy and Charging: A Vehicle for Customer Loyalty

How can integrated policy and charging help to create the kind of superior customer experience that secures customer loyalty?
July, 07 2014 by Peter Engblom

Gartner recognizes Ericsson as Worldwide Leader in CSP Revenue and Market Share

Highlighting our ability to help operators to become agile as they push the limits of innovation and deliver a superior customer experience.
July, 02 2014 by Pamela Mallette

The Networked Society meets the Connected Car Webinar

Join us as we discuss the opportunities that the connected car brings for operators in this upcoming live webinar.
June, 30 2014 by Magnus Lundgren

Beyond the Network: Assuring Service and a Superior Customer Experience

In this age of increased competition and service complexity, network assurance is just one layer of integrated assurance.
June, 24 2014 by Neil Lilley

Reflections on Prepaid and Postpaid Charging

Operators must look past the prepaid/postpaid paradigm and implement real-time charging systems that treat customers as individuals.
June, 19 2014 by Colin Goodwin

Layering Assurance for Superior Customer Experience

Providing a superior and differentiated customer experience requires much more than mere network connectivity - it requires best in class OSS/BSS.
June, 17 2014 by Neil Lilley

Ericsson France Paves the Way for Innovative Use of Big Data

Finding creative ways to use the data at your disposal is crucial for agile operators looking to gain insights into the customer experience.
June, 12 2014 by Jerome Antezak