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Are Shared Data Plans Meeting Customer Expectations?

Is your BSS able to deliver the shared data plans that consumers desire?
January, 30 2015 by Christina Carlsson

Beyond KPIs: Agile Operators Measure the Entirety of the Customer Experience

Agile operators will be shifting their focus from KPIs to Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) to gain a deeper understanding of the customer experience.
January, 27 2015 by Neil Lilley

Don Tapscott: Introducing the IT Services Supermarket

Don Tapscott shares what he sees is the role of the CIO today and how we are moving to an IT services supermarket.
January, 22 2015 by Christina Carlsson

Telefônica VIVO: Partnering for Successful Smart Cities

Connectivity and ICT make life for city dwellers easier and safer in Smart Cities.
January, 20 2015 by Pehr Claesson

Etisalat on Leading in the Data Era

How can you leverage your data assets to find an edge in the market and to delight your subscribers?
January, 16 2015 by Peter Engblom

Cutting through Complexity: Restore Innovation to Your Business Systems

How can your systems be redesigned to break free of limitations and increase time-to-innovation?
January, 14 2015 by Jaco Fourie

Acting fast in the continually evolving digital economy

Don Tapscott, author of The Digital Economy, shares his views on how the last twenty years have shaped the evolving digital economy of today.
January, 08 2015 by Pamela Mallette

Who Is Setting the Customer Experience Benchmark?

Today's customer experience expectations are being influenced by all industries, not just telecoms. Are you able to deliver a winning experience?
January, 07 2015 by Christina Carlsson

Pricing: The Forgotten Strategic Lever

Who Will Be the Amazon of Telecom and make pricing a genuine strategic lever?
December, 22 2014 by Chris Yeadon

Alfa Lebanon: Collaborating to Drive Customer Agility

Alfa’s Rami Assoum offers his insights on how operators can effectively leverage their data to drive collaboration and enhance customer agility.
December, 18 2014 by Henrik Bornäs