Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance


Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance is a new approach to giving customers good service – a way for operators to boost their brand and get one step ahead of the competition.   

We combine and correlate multiple information sources to give a clear picture of a user's real experience.  Having the right information at hand means calls are resolved quickly and more calls are resolved first time. Adding value added information like churn scores help staff give the right response on every call. 

What is good for customer care and service operations staff is good for consumers too.  Being met by well informed customer care staff able to quickly identify and resolve issues is just what they are looking for when they call in…

Why use Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance?

Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance provides a better way to take care of your customers

  • Leverage data assets to deliver better service to customers
  • Faster call resolution in customer care
  • Fewer repeat care calls
  • Proactive prioritized problem resolution with probable root cause

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Check out our White paper for more on how to deliver the quality your customers expect

Keeping the customer service experience promise