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Rethink Mobile Broadband

Opportunities for growth

The mark of a great invention is that it's never really finished. It merely evolves, inspiring new streams of creativity along the way. Mobile Broadband is one of those great inventions. We think it will transform the Internet as radically as mobility changed telecommunications.

Today, many years after filing the first patents, it's time to push things forward. Mobile Broadband is not only about optimizing technologies and services anymore. It's about exploring a whole new way of doing business.

Six codes to growth

Visionary Investing

Investing proactively to inspire new demand instead of following the existing. Betting on large gaps of quality and experience rather than small gaps of price, to make competition irrelevant.

Gap minding

Experience Centric KPIs

Moving KPIs closer to the user experience, by unifying market, networks and systems in proactive feedback loops, in order to focus attention where it matters the most.

Streetwise metrics

Quality-led Marketing

Creative ways of showing superior performance in contexts that people can relate to, and compare it to show the difference is worth paying for.


Redefine Subscription

Blow the packages to rebuild cleverly segmented offerings that increase revenue and loyalty. Choosing dimensions that make sense: amount, speed, devices, applications or other.


Open-ended Innovation

Bundled offers with third party brands to deliver synergetic experiences, based on the mutual goal of strengthening customer relations. Be an open platform for value creation.


Visionary Collaboration

Long-term collaborations, empowered by shared incentives, insights and roadmaps. Create “we’re in this together” mentality and minimize restarts.






We talk a lot about creating new ways of doing business. So now it’s time to show you what we’ve been thinking. Introducing Unplug Logics – smart ways of using Mobile Broadband to drive value into business and society.

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Our story

Our story

From coining the term and filing the patents to realizing and planning the future – Mobile Broadband has been an incredible journey. But before we address the future, we need to consult the past…

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