Ericsson Broadband Charging

Turn your market offers into a competitive advantage with Ericsson Broadband Charging.

Broadband Charging Overview

With mobile broadband traffic growth, you have big opportunities to profit from data-driven services. But will your charging systems limit your options to combine voice, data, messaging and content into compelling offers?

Our Broadband Charging can turn your service tariffs into a competitive differentiator. By introducing more services, plans and offers, your customers can take better advantage of your network in their own way while you simultaneously gain more ways to increase profitability.

What is Broadband Charging?

Broadband Charging is a flexible online charging system that provides prepaid charging for data, content, messaging, voice, multimedia and VoIP. It can be deployed standalone or alongside your current prepaid charging system. It features:

  • Plan option flexibility. Create a broad range of charging models, including pay-as-you-go, pay-by-service, and pay-per-period, plus on-demand instant activation of data services.
  • Broad data network support. Use across 2G, 3G or LTE networks.
  • Two-sided business models for data/content. Charge either directly from the end user or from the supplier of the content/services.
  • Tiered pricing. Offer pricing based on monthly data limits, websites, speed, QoS, time of day or location.
  • Extensibility. Create new broadband charging features using our onsite service creation team.
  • Measurement. Measure data by volume or time duration.

Why Use Broadband Charging?

Broadband Charging gives you the power to continuously innovate and differentiate your offerings. Built on the Ericsson Converged Application Server, its robust platform provides high performance, massive scalability and low total cost of ownership. Consider Broadband Charging to:

  • Deliver the experience. Give your mobile broadband customers personalized plans and more control without the risk of bill shock. Encourage them to try new services that will help increase loyalty.
  • Improve time to market. Quickly test and introduce new tariff plans and timely offers with a GUI-based rating rules editor.
  • Achieve profitability. Generate steady income by attracting prospective mobile broadband customers with a variety of plan options. Increase revenues with enticing add-ons, impulse offers, boost plans and load-based pricing.
  • Address new markets. Enter new markets, such as enterprise, mobile commerce, and charge-to-bill.