Ericsson Charging System


Ericsson Charging System is the real-time heart of all operators’ Business Support Systems (BSS). It controls your credit, while giving your users capabilities to control their costs and get increased value for money through flexible packaging, bonuses and discounts. So you want to regain control of revenues – Ericsson Charging System can enable you to do just that for all your services and all of your customers, regardless of their chosen method of payment or their service content.

Executive summary

Ericsson Charging System is a scalable, flexible BSS solution that delivers decoupling, configurability, a future-proof product roadmap, convergent real-time charging support, a strong user-experience focus and reduced total cost of ownership. In doing so, it creates an invaluable competitive advantage for operators looking to thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Ericsson Charging System is fully convergent, supporting all services, all access methods and all payment alternatives. Traditional telecom services such as SMS, MMS, voice and broadband are all supported, which creates vast opportunities for operators to do innovative cross-bundles and packages.

Ericsson is the definite market leader in real-time charging with more than 170 customers worldwide.

User experience

Ericsson Charging System enables operators to combine securing their charging and payments with enhancing the end-user experience. In turn, better user experience will lead to additional revenue streams. This is further nurtured through functionalities enabling subscribers to request and update account information and to stay informed about costs, balances and bonuses in real-time. This is crucial to today’s customers, who want to know what they are paying for, what they get and exactly how much services cost. Negative user experiences such as the “bill shocks” inhibit consumption and contribute to churn, whereas real-time spending control builds trust and leads to greater usage and service uptake.

Real-time end-user notifications have the additional advantage of creating strong up-sell opportunities, with promotions coming with relevant services usually perceived as being less intrusive and more personal by consumers.

Operator benefits

Decouple technology from business models
The technology behind Ericsson Charging System is separated from individual business models. The solution does not impose any particular model, meaning that operators opting to use it are not locked into one framework. Instead, they can offer different services tailored to a range of customer segments and capture a range of revenue streams while using a single system.

Gain configurability
Ericsson Charging System is a flexible solution. The configurable tariff system in combination with the rich functionality makes it easy for operators to develop unique and personalized service bundles that combine data and voice, fixed and mobile telephony, into the right offerings required in your market to address all your customer segments. Operators no longer need to compromise on strategy, but can implement truly innovative and differentiated offerings having a system capable of backing them up all the way. Ericsson Charging System empowers operators to stand out from the crowd.

Secure a future-proof roadmap
Ericsson is a leader in a variety of operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS), including charging systems. The company’s ever-expanding portfolio also encompasses communication services, consumer and business applications, fixed broadband and convergence, managed services, mobile broadband, and television and media management. Today, Ericsson provides support for networks that serve more than 2 billion subscribers.

The roadmap for each individual Ericsson product evolves in synch with the wider network and business-support-system transformation that we drive. Ericsson Charging System is no different – the full range of our experience and learning is reflected in the evolution of the product. We invest in numerous ongoing research and development projects that aim to further streamline Ericsson Charging System’s components and increase the capabilities of the solution.

Deliver convergent real-time charging
Converging networks and devices require convergent charging solutions. With a business support toolbox that applies to all users and services in the network – whether pre-paid, post-paid, fixed or mobile – Ericsson Charging System provides operators with the means to create advanced charging offerings defined by parameters such as quality of service, volume, access time and service type.

Regardless of the specific service being consumed and the charging parameters in use, Ericsson Charging System always enables real-time charging. This capability is the key to meeting consumers’ needs to control spending and operators’ needs to manage credit risks and share revenues with multiple partners such as advertisers.

Reduce total cost of ownership
Implementing Ericsson Charging System not only delivers a series of advantages to operators, but can actually reduce operators’ total cost of ownership at the same time.

First and foremost, operators no longer require multiple charging systems. Ericsson Charging System provides a single convergent charging solution for all subscribers and all services, thereby reducing both capex and opex. With fewer systems to maintain, costs fall. Likewise, being able to easily configure pricing and product offers reduces lead times and dependency on external suppliers, resulting in lower operating and management expenses.

The modular architecture of Ericsson Charging System means complete scalability, which contributes to significant capex savings. The product can also be easily integrated into existing environments, as it provides open interfaces from a 360-degree view – again reducing costs. Opex, meanwhile, is addressed through the centralized rule-management application and user self-service capabilities.

Mobile-broadband charging

With its mobile broadband charging functionality, Charging System can enable differentiated mobile broadband offerings, giving operators the ability to charge for bandwidth and provide real-time alerts and notifications to consumers, giving them the power to influence the quality of their service and control their overall costs.

This is realized with a set of features on Charging System, named Ericsson Mobile Broadband Charging. Mobile Broadband Charging can be delivered in Charging System or as an adjunct solution in a multi-vendor environment.