Ericsson Charging System

Ericsson Charging System with mobile broadband charging is a modular, real-time BSS convergent charging solution for efficient monetization and control of all services, networks and payment methods.

Ericsson Charging System Overview

Capitalizing on today’s tremendous opportunities can be challenging. Customers are more and more demanding and, at the same time, many new players are entering the marketplace. To compete in this environment, operators have to not only maintain but also grow their part of the new value chain to gain loyal customers. This requires true service agility – the ability to provide a constant stream of new, innovative services, quickly developed and executed to perfection.

Comprising all of the data charging and yield management capabilities previously available only in separate offerings, Ericsson Charging System with mobile broadband charging gives you an invaluable competitive advantage in this environment. It is the real-time heart of all BSS: a scalable, flexible solution with a strong user-experience focus and future-proof product roadmap, enabling real-time convergent charging, policy control, decoupling and fast service creation. It lets you control your credit while letting users control their costs through flexible packaging, bonuses and discounts. Whatever the service, whatever the network, whoever the customer, Ericsson Charging System with mobile broadband charging lets you realize and create new opportunities.

What is Ericsson Charging System?

Ericsson Charging System is a modular, scalable, open, single convergent charging system using industry standards and protocols. Its technology is separate from individual business models, so you are never locked into one framework. It lets you offer innovative services tailored to a range of customer segments to capture a range of revenue streams. Pre-integrated with CRM, mediation, provisioning, self-care, policy, catalog and traffic management, it is cloud-ready and cloud-enabled. Key features include:

  • Real-time convergent charging. Use the centralized service creation and rule management for policy control and user self-service to give everyone the control they need: spending control for consumers, and credit risk and multiple-partner revenue sharing management for you.
  • Full mobile broadband charging functionality. Enable differentiated mobile broadband offerings with the ability to charge for speed, bandwidth or service. Send real-time customer alerts and notifications to enable spending control and personalization of offers. Meet customer needs by cross-bundling traditional services with new mobile broadband-based services.
  • Scalable, modular architecture. Significantly save on capex and easily integrate with existing environments using open interfaces and standards. Address opex through centralized service creation and user self-service capabilities. Add adjunct solutions to a multi-vendor environment using modules such as data charging and more.
  • Fully configurable tariff system. Develop unique, personalized, differentiating service bundles combining data, voice, fixed and mobile for all customer segments, using yield management functionality to create offerings that optimize network asset utilization without compromising strategy.

Why Use Ericsson Charging System?

Ericsson is a leader in real-time charging, with more than 200 implementations managing more than 1.6 billion end users worldwide. Our feature-rich convergent charging solution is able to realize all required use cases, and our investment in ongoing research and development will allow you to further streamline system components and increase capabilities moving forward. Consider Ericsson Charging System if you want to:

  • Speed new services to market. Gain an efficient, centralized service creation environment that translates to the shortest possible time to market and attractive offerings.
  • Reduce capex and opex. Maintain one convergent system for all services, all networks and all payment methods. Reduce lead times and dependency on external suppliers through easily configured pricing and product offers.
  • Enhance the end-user experience. Let subscribers request and update account information and remain informed about costs, balances and bonuses in real time. Eliminate “bill shocks” and, with end-user notifications, create strong up-sell opportunities.