Ericsson Flexible RCS

Our rich communication solution evolves and co-exists with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and delivers attractive use cases on all broadband networks. The -IMS based- solution is modular to enable selection of the wanted services and use cases, depending on operator needs and the chosen service evolution.

Customer situation

Operators are evolving toward rich and differentiated communication services to meet the new and changing demands of end users. Example of this are: Roaming applications that can help operators to recover niche revenues lost to OTT players, and policy-controlled VoIP in Wi-Fi hotspots that can offload traffic to release spectrum resources and extend in-door coverage.

Operators are also launching evolved offerings such as One Number for multiple devices, new GSMA joyn services with additions such as best-effort voice and video services, presence, and network address book, to capture market-proven communication enrichments and trends.

The Ericsson Flexible RCS Solution offers a set of tools that enable the operator to sustain ARPU and manage churn and subscriber acquisition costs by offering the above evolved communication services on new devices such as Smartphones and Tablets as well as on PC.

Ericsson's offering

The solution is built on, and utilizes, the GSMA RCS and VoLTE specifications. It enables operators to:

  • Leverage your key assets: interoperability and reachability
  • Evolve the offering over time by re-using modules and by adding new use cases
  • Launch services compatible with RCS-e and joyn
  • Smoothly evolve to VoLTE
  • Build targeted proposition per segment
  • Include service differentiators, such as best-effort voice and video, roaming applications and One Number services to lower the acquisition and retention cost, to sustain the business case and generate stickiness

Main values

  • Leverages on key operator assets of interoperability and reachability. For subscribers, multimedia services become as easy as making a phone call
  • The same network infrastructure can be used for many services and solutions such as: VoLTE, VisualCom, Flexible RCS and joyn, across fixed and mobile networks

Key Products

  • IMS

    Ericsson IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is a core network solution built on 3GPP standards, enabling real-time consumer and enterprise communication services over ...

GSMA RCS-e initiative

GSMA RCS initiative

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