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Mobile broadband is playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. It is changing the way we are entertained, educated, working and sharing information. It has the power to improve the quality of our lives.

Mobile broadband presents great opportunities for operators in both mature and new markets. To meet the ever-increasing user demands of the mobile broadband experience, networks need to be smart, simple, scalable and deliver superior performance. The opportunities for growth are exceptional.

Mobile broadband publications

Mobile operators that successfully has turned the extraordinary data traffic growth of the past few years into profitable revenue growth show remarkably similar behavior in six key areas. Check out Six codes to growth
What are operators’ perspective on the ongoing transformation to a data centric world? Almost 20 CMOs across 17 countries spoke to Ericsson. Read Straight from the CMO
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Small Cells

Operators look to small cells and carrier Wi-Fi to address two key business objectives:  to grow their consumer mobile business and to expand their opportunities in the enterprise market.

Networks Software 15A

Our Networks software release 15A boosts user experience, increases energy efficiency, brings commercial OpenStack to the market and introduces our new software model.

Networks Software 14B

Networks Software 14B is our first coordinated network-wide software launch and is focused on enhancing network performance and enabling operator growth. The over 200 new and ...

Efficient Energy

Improving energy efficiency saves you money. Done properly, it lifts your image and can help you win new customers. That makes it important to focus on the right areas.

Evolved IP Network

The Evolved IP Network solution (EIN) provides a dependable, cost-effective and fully featured IP transport foundation for multi-service broadband offerings. EIN is based on ...

Heterogeneous networks

Ericsson’s heterogeneous network solutions will address capacity and coverage demands in the most challenging areas. In city centers, transport hubs and business parks these network ...


Regardless of where they are, consumers demand higher data rates as they send and receive e-mails, or enjoy music or video clips. Speed isn’t the only issue for the network service provider ...

In-Building Solutions

Users expect mobile broadband everywhere, especially indoors, where more than half of all mobile traffic is generated. Operators need to meet those expectations if they want to be competitive.

Key Event Experience

The availability of mobile broadband and increased usage in smart phones and other devices have raised user expectations of network performance. These expectations are taken to an even higher ...

LTE Broadcast

Ericsson’s LTE broadcast solution will revolutionize video delivery in mobile networks enabled by the combination of three new standards: eMBMS, HEVC (H.265) and MPEG DASH and will address ...

Mobile Broadband for Critical Communication

Enabling operators to provide premium mobile broadband for public safety organizations.

Mobile Cloud Accelerator

The Ericsson Mobile Cloud Accelerator is a unique end-to-end solution that offers operators and content providers:

  • Faster delivery of Content and Applications that need premium ...

Mobile Satellite Services

Our Mobile Satellite Service solution utilizes the best of satellite technology for coverage and our core infrastructure for interworking with terrestrial networks.

Network Performance Partnership

A Network Performance Partnership is Ericsson's end-to-end solution to help operators optimize their network and service performance through a 3-phase approach.

Psi Coverage

Ericsson Psi Coverage is an Ericsson unique innovation providing a solution for cost-efficient broadband coverage in areas with light to medium traffic ...

Satellite Backhaul

The use of satellite technology for mobile network transport opens new opportunities for service providers to deliver voice and data to areas without communications today.

Service-Aware Charging and Control (SACC)

The visibility and control made possible by the Service-Aware Charging and Control solution is vital in today's rapidly growing market of mobile data traffic and new multimedia services.


Major network operators around the world depend on CDMA technology to deliver mobile voice and data services to over half a billion subscribers. Ericsson is a leading supplier of CDMA solutions ...

Mobile broadband news

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New software launch

With Software 15A Ericsson introduces a new software model for mobile networks with predefined software packages ensuring better performance and a software subscription model reducing time to market for new functionality.

Networks Software 15A

New product launch

Ericsson launches the first indoor picocell with carrier aggregation, which doubles capacity, delivering 300 Mbps LTE speeds and the best indoor experience, in a tablet-sized footprint.

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