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Mobile broadband is playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. It is changing the way we are entertained and enables people to perform tasks regardless of physical location. It has the power to reduce the digital divide and improve the quality of life in all parts of the world.

Mobile network technologies such as EDGE, EVDO, HSPA and LTE are widely used for connecting a range of devices such as smartphones, computers, sensors and machines to the internet and broadband services. GSM, 1xRTT, and HSPA voice services – evolving to Voice over LTE (VoLTE) – continue to connect billions of people around the world.

Business perspective

The business perspectives of mobile broadband are defined in the following Ericsson Strategic Engagement Topics (SETs):

  • SET Operator ROI Leadership defines the proof points around Ericsson solutions which are at a premium in the industry. This SET is also about helping operators understand the financial aspects of their networks, and to leverage on identified operational efficiencies.
  • SET Mobile Broadband Monetization identifies business strategies that have proved successful in mobile broadband markets globally. This SET identifies opportunities for growth and monetization of mobile broadband solutions to increase ARPU in our customers’ business.
  • SET Mobile Broadband Operator Strategy focuses on helping implement the customers’ vision of success in their wireless business. It brings together business, solutions and services initiatives to support the operators in driving focused investments aligned with their mobile broadband strategy. In the report MBB OS Q4 report A , Ericsson has summarized some key global mobile broadband operator strategies.

Customer situation

Enhanced mobile networks
The uptake of mobile broadband usage is the main driver for growth in broadband connectivity. People connect to the internet 24/7 via computers and smartphones everywhere. Enhanced mobile networks provide the coverage, performance and capacity required to fulfill people’s high lifestyle-expectations. With the evolution of the major mobile broadband technologies HSPA and LTE, true broadband performance and capacity will continue to be delivered in a cost-efficient manner. In a second wave of mobile broadband offerings, we now see an increased focus on differentiation: where our customers can deliver broadband with the capabilities and costs suitable for each end-user and service. In the future we will see that everything that can benefit from being connected will be connected, primarily over mobile broadband, reaching 50 billion connected devices and more.

Ericsson’s offering

Ericsson is the industry leader with mobile broadband solutions that are designed to support operators’ long-term strategies. Our offering includes:

  • Product solutions that encompass GSM, CDMA, EDGE, EVDO, HSDPA, HSPA, LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Bringing excellence in network performance with product and services solutions based on our global expertise (Operator Performance Partnerships)
  • Bringing insights to the industry with consulting in Mobile Broadband Monetization of cellular and Wi-Fi solutions, identifying data plans that are successful in Ericsson markets
  • Driving organic and disruptive evolution of wireless networks with Network Evolution
  • Identifying value propositions for both operators and Ericsson in network solutions and deployment through return on investment (ROI) Leadership analyses
  • • Providing guidance to the industry and operators about the future – Heterogeneous Networks Leadership for efficient use of wireless with convergence of technologies
  • • Using all of the above approaches in the form of a Mobile Broadband Operator Strategy that guides our customers in implementing their five-year strategic vision in the industry with Ericsson.

End-user perspective

Because the success of our customers is measured to a large extent by the experience of their subscribers, the end-user perspective is a critical aspect of Ericsson business solutions. This is captured in the form of ConsumerLab reports (external to Ericsson) and mobile broadband insights listed in the documents below:

  • Smartphone Lab EP MBB Report 2012-Q4 - Rev A reports on Ericsson insights on smartphone evolution, applications and effects on the end-user perspective in using an mobile broadband network
  • SSB Q4 Global market and strategy update rev A d reports on mobile broadband around the world, and provides material about how to capture mobile broadband business, based on our findings from global markets
  • Smartphone shipment report Q3 2012 provides insights on trends in smartphone types to better define Ericsson and operator strategy
  • SET Operator Performance Partnerships describes how excellent user experience is possible with well designed and optimized wireless networks.

Technology perspective

Mobile broadband is rapidly evolving as a technology: from GSM/CDMA – HSDPA/EVDO – HSPA – LTE, and converging with Wi-Fi solutions into heterogeneous networks. This combination of technologies leads to multiple, business-driven use cases in different industry verticals outside mobile broadband.

Aspects of technology evolution, and changes needed in networks, are addressed in the SET Network Evolution. Guidance to new operators and Ericsson sales is addressed in the 2012 SET LTE Leadership. Proof points for both customers and Ericsson sales are described in Proof points of Ericsson LTE Leadership

As a logical next step in technology evolution, heterogeneous networks will be addressed in SET Heterogeneous Networks Leadership. 

Main values

Mobile broadband presents great opportunities for operators in both mature and new markets. As consumers demand more from mobile broadband, operators who can offer the best services with the best speed, availability and quality will earn loyalty and create a competitive advantage. The opportunities for growth are exceptional.



By upgrading to EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) you can cost-effectively triple the data capacity of your GSM/GPRS network, paving the way for advanced data services anywhere, anytime.

Efficient Energy

Improving energy efficiency saves you money. Done properly, it lifts your image and can help you win new customers. That makes it important to focus on the right areas.

Evolved IP Network

The Evolved IP Network solution (EIN) provides a dependable, cost-effective and fully featured IP transport foundation for multi-service broadband offerings. EIN is based ...

Heterogeneous networks

Ericsson’s heterogeneous network solutions will address capacity and coverage demands in the most challenging areas. In city centers, transport hubs and business parks these network ...


Regardless of where they are, consumers demand higher data rates as they send and receive e-mails, or enjoy music or video clips. Speed isn’t the only issue for the network service provider ...

In-Building Solutions

Users expect mobile broadband everywhere, especially indoors, where more than half of all mobile traffic is generated. Operators need to meet those expectations if they want to be competitive.

Key Event Experience

The availability of mobile broadband and increased usage in smart phones and other devices have raised user expectations of network performance. These expectations are taken to an even higher ...

LTE Broadcast

Ericsson’s LTE broadcast solution will revolutionize video delivery in mobile networks enabled by the combination of three new standards: eMBMS, HEVC (H.265) and MPEG DASH and will address ...

Mobile Broadband for Critical Communication

Enabling operators to provide premium mobile broadband for public safety organizations


The key areas include reliability, accessibility and allocation of ...

Mobile Cloud Accelerator

The Ericsson Mobile Cloud Accelerator is a unique end-to-end solution that offers operators and content providers:

  • Faster delivery of Content and Applications that need premium ...

Mobile Satellite Services

Our Mobile Satellite Service solution utilizes the best of satellite technology for coverage and our core infrastructure for interworking with terrestrial networks.

Network Performance Partnership

A Network Performance Partnership is Ericsson's end-to-end solution to help operators optimize their network and service performance through a 3-phase approach.

Psi Coverage

Ericsson Psi Coverage is an Ericsson unique innovation providing a solution for cost-efficient broadband coverage in areas with light to medium traffic ...

Satellite Backhaul

The use of satellite technology for mobile network transport opens new opportunities for service providers to deliver voice and data to areas without communications today.

Service-Aware Charging and Control (SACC)

The visibility and control made possible by the Service-Aware Charging and Control solution is vital in today's rapidly growing market of mobile data traffic and new multimedia services.


Major network operators around the world depend on CDMA technology to deliver mobile voice and data services to over half a billion subscribers. Ericsson is a leading supplier of CDMA solutions ...

Ericsson Radio Dot System revolutionizes indoor coverage


Ericsson Radio Dot System revolutionizes indoor coverage

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