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Mobile broadband is a prerequisite for collaborating, socializing and innovating in the Networked Society. Operators with the best performing networks are the most successful in terms of growth, revenue and valuation.



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PerfromanceGrowth Codes
Learn more about the app coverage approach that provides a key to relate user experience to network performance.
More about App Coverage
Growth Codes is a comprehensive guide to how the successful operators across the world are tackling the data explosion with a profitable approach. More about Growth Codes
Interactive City Index toolEricsson Mobility Report
Mobility Report
The index ranks 40 world cities, measuring ICT maturity in relation to social, economical and environmental progress.
See how your city measures up!
See the latest mobile broadband market and data traffic trends. Use the Traffic Exploration tool to get your figures and graphs.
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Accelerating IoT

Ericsson is launching Network Software 16B to accelerate IoT uptake and this software release enables a 60% cost reduction of device, 10+ years battery life, 7x better coverage and optimization ...

Improving Indoor App Coverage

Everyone is connecting more than ever, and most of us are connecting inside.  Operators need to ensure their indoor networks can keep up through new software to boost performance, with the ...

License Assisted Access

License Assisted Access is an LTE feature that leverages the 5 GHz unlicensed band in combination with licensed spectrum to deliver a performance boost for mobile device users.

By adding a ...


3xMulti is Ericsson’s new way of thinking for RAN evolution, as mobile networks today and going forward will be about 3xMulti: Multi-standard, Multi-band and Multi-layer. For most operators ...

Growth Codes

What makes a mobile operator successful? Growth Codes is a comprehensive guide to how the successful operators across the world are tackling the data explosion with a profitable approach. The path ...

App Coverage

For a user, app coverage is the geographical area where an app works as expected. For operators, it provides a key to relate user experience to mobile broadband network performance.

Thin Layer GSM

Thin layer GSM is our new concept to present the future direction of GSM and it focuses on five important aspects where we see that operator’s network needs to be 'THIN' or more ...

Heterogeneous networks

Ericsson’s heterogeneous network solutions will address capacity and coverage demands in the most challenging areas. In city centers, transport hubs and business parks these network ...

LTE Broadcast

Ericsson’s LTE broadcast solution will revolutionize video delivery in mobile networks enabled by the combination of three new standards: eMBMS, HEVC (H.265) and MPEG DASH and will address ...

Networks Software

Our Networks Software is our coordinated network-wide software launches and it's focused on enhancing network performance and enabling operator growth. Each release contains a number of new and ...

Psi Coverage

Our Psi-Coverage solution uses a single radio unit to provide the same coverage as an ordinary 3-sector base station equipped with three radio units. Using less hardware reduces energy consumption ...

Evolved IP Network

The Evolved IP Network (EIN) solution provides high performance, scalable, cost-effective and highly reliable IP transport for multi-service broadband services. EIN is based on Ericsson’s ...

In-Building Solutions

Users expect mobile broadband everywhere, especially indoors, where more than half of all mobile traffic is generated. Operators need to meet those expectations if they want to be competitive.

Mobile Broadband for Critical Communication

Enabling operators to provide premium mobile broadband for public safety organizations.

Service-Aware Charging and Control (SACC)

The visibility and control made possible by the Service-Aware Charging and Control solution is vital in today's rapidly growing market of mobile data traffic and new multimedia services.

Key Event Experience

The availability of mobile broadband and increased usage in smart phones and other devices have raised user expectations of network performance. These expectations are taken to an even higher ...

Virtual Evolved Packet Core

Ericsson is industrializing Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for improved deployment flexibility, built for the ...


Major network operators around the world depend on CDMA technology to deliver mobile voice and data services to over half a billion subscribers. Ericsson is a leading supplier of CDMA solutions ...

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New way of thinking for RAN evolution

We're solving mobile operators' multi-standard, multi-band, multi-layer challenges!

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