Ericsson User Profile Gateway UPG


Leverage user data as a business asset and enable more personalized, dynamic services.
User Profile Gateway (UPG) – our implementation of the 3GPP Generic User Profile (GUP) standard, shares user profile information with service and content providers in converged networks, while ensuring security and standardization to deliver personalized services.

A consolidated user profile

With User Profile Gateway you can provide access to a consolidated virtual user profile in different views while retaining control over how the data can be accessed. It hides the underlying network complexity from the applications, which makes them less complex to implement and isolates applications from changes in the network in terms of added, removed or upgraded data repositories. New data can then be introduced without affecting the applications.
Providing a single point of access toward applications with multiple access protocols and different identities, data is aggregated from different data sources and transformed into suitable data views for the applications, with the necessary access control.

This product provides a unified way of accessing, managing and transferring static and dynamic user profile data (both service- and user-related data), including personal information, preferences, subscriptions, services, devices, roles or access.

Improve user experience and generate new business

New services are more easily and quickly implemented because User Profile Gateway handles conversion of protocols and makes intelligent evaluations of collected data prior to delivery. New, more personalized and exciting services can then be launched in the network based on existing subscriber profiles and data.

The single point of access to all user data enables you to get the user information you need for enriched multimedia services. Because it combines data from different domains and creates unique services that would otherwise be difficult to achieve, User Profile Gateway lays a foundation for blended services in a service-oriented architecture. You’re able to attract and retain customers with a wide range of easy to use, effective and quickly-responding services.