Ericsson EDA 1200

Broadband Access


Designed for the flexible, cost-effective roll out of broadband access, EDA 1200 is our award-winning solution for ADSL2+, VDSL2 and POTS, as well as point-to-point fiber and CAT5 applications.


First on the market with Ethernet-based IP DSLAMs, EDA 1200 includes all essential enablers for new broadband services such as bandwidth-on-demand, gaming, and IPTV with multiple simultaneous HDTV streams.

Our VDSL2 solution is unique with its ease of installation, high scalability and performance. It is built to withstand outdoor conditions and demands very little in terms of special enclosure. This, combined with Gigabit and GPON uplink options, makes EDA 1200 ideal for deep-fiber access deployment close to end users.

EDA Point-to-Point solutions for fiber and CAT5 to the home are based on our EFN324 telecom grade access node. A turnkey solution for up to 1440 subscribers is available and includes optical distribution frame and integrated fiber management.

Advanced controller and aggregation nodes ensure easy operation and management via the embedded EDA Management Proxy (EMP) functionality for ADSL2+, VDSL2, and fiber.

Key features and characteristics of EDA 1200 include:

  • High scalability - 12 to 10,000 subscribers per IP DSLAM thanks to unique EDA Management Proxy (EMP)
  • Gigabit Ethernet uplink interfaces (and optional 10 GB)
  • Multimode - one IP DSLAM  provides both VDSL2 and ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ configurable per line
  • Cost-effective outdoor solutions for IP POTS services
  • Sustainability focus with low power IP DSLAM variant
  • CWDM support for uplink traffic
  • Advanced security and privacy mechanisms, including filtering and forced forwarding 
  • Differentiated services; different qualities to different applications in the home
  • Portfolio adapted to the North American market
  • Telecom grade (99.999 percent availability)

How operators benefit

With a unique scalability down to 12 lines plus limited requirements for outdoor cabinets, EDA 1200 makes a particularly cost-effective and flexible option for deep fiber deployment (VDSL and FTTx).

The EDA 1200 VDSL2 solution includes a multimode option for a flexible combination of ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ and VDSL2 on the same IP DSLAM unit. This means that you can roll out VDSL2 in the network now and gradually upgrade the users from ADSL.

With millions of lines installed, Plain Old Telephony Service is still the cash-cow for many incumbent telecom operators. To ensure continued earnings on POTS services it is important to upgrade to a cost and maintenance efficient solution - so why not move POTS to the remote site and use the modern broadband infrastructure for IP POTS?

Network operators worldwide are eager to upgrade their copper networks with capabilities for multiple streams of interactive high-definition TV based on the Next Generation Ethernet architectures. Until now, the main barrier has been the cost and technology necessary to bring DSL into the remote, out-site plant close to the customers.

EDA 1200 is easily and cost-effectively deployed close to users in street cabinets with fiber uplink. It takes full advantage of the VDSL2 bandwidth characteristics on short distances. In addition, the use of GPON as uplink for VDSL2 offers a cost-effective way of building a platform for easy migration to an all-IP optical Fiber-to-the-Home and Fiber-to-the-Curb/Building installation.