Ericsson Home Subscriber Server HSS

Real-time subscription management for all users subscribing to evolved packet accesses and evolved domains has been made possible with our Home Subscriber Server.

Product description

Home Subscriber Server (HSS) manages subscription-related information in real time, for multi-access and multi-domain offerings in an all-IP environment.

Based on 3GPP specifications, HSS supports the network control layer with subscription and session handling, providing capabilities for:

  • Mobile management
  • User security
  • User identification handling
  • Access authorization
  • Service authorization
  • Service profile

The server is built with telecom-grade blade technology to ensure reliability, high availability and NEBS level 3 compliance.

HSS is used in all of our IMS solutions, and provides authentication and authorization functions in the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and GAN networks (Mobile@Home and Femto).

Evolve the network to all-IP

HSS is modular and can be adapted to manage multi-access scenarios, providing optimal integration of packet-switched technologies. You can therefore use HSS as a vital link in your network modernization and evolution to next-generation and all-IP environments. In particular:

  • HSS can be easily added to an existing network and work in parallel with Home Location Register (HLR) nodes. You can therefore introduce new technologies, business domains or access types without impacting your existing business.
  • HSS functionality supports the evolved business domains, for example IMS and WLAN, allowing you to serve a new market without having to change the Customer Administrative System of back office systems for managing subscription profiles.

The support for multi-access, multi-domain networks provides end-to-end traffic handling for subscribers moving between LTE and WLAN and using new value-add services possible with IMS networks.