Ericsson SM240

Smart Metro Ethernet Services Platform

Purpose-built for co-location sites and space constraint applications, the SM 240 delivers industry-leading service scalability in a compact form, which leads to low recurring lease costs.


The SM 240 complements the larger SM 480 to form a complete metro core to metro access solution. It leverages the same hardware and software components - the same line cards, the same SM Route Processors (SMRPs) and the same SE Operating System (SEOS).

Key features and characteristics

- In the business and mobile backhaul applications, the SM 240 provides a highly extensible E-LINE circuit aggregation to backhaul a massive amount of data traffic.
- Using sophisticated IP/MPLS protocol, TDM/SONET backhaul traffic is seamlessly converted into high-value E-LINE circuits, each with its Service Level Agreement (SLA) for a high-degree of service personalization.
- Industry leading E-LINE and E-LAN service scalabilities in a mere 7 RU
- New benchmark for E-LINE service scalability - 256,000 circuits based on MPLS Virtual Leased Lines (VLLs) or Ethernet Virtual LANs (VLANs)
- 1.5 million MAC addresses sets a new industry benchmark for metro packet transport
- 1.5 million integrated traffic management queues for highly granular and deterministic service delivery
- Five levels of Hierarchical-QoS for differentiated services, including high-quality video and voice service deliveries