Network Roll-Out

Efficient network evolution is essential when growing your communications business profitably. Our end-to-end Network Roll-Out services address all the challenges you can face in network deployment.


Network Build

Build your telecom sites well and you get a network that lasts. Quality construction maximizes the lifespan of your installed equipment and the associated infrastructure.

Network Integration

Integration services that achieve design objectives, control interaction between live network nodes and maximize stability are essential for operators to get the network performance they want.

Extreme Project: Covering continental Russia

How do you install more than 8,000 sites across the world’s largest country in just 14 months?

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Long Term Evolution: LTE

LTE is the global standard for the fourth generation of mobile broadband (4G), supported by all major players in the industry. It is the fastest developing system in the history of mobile communication.

Media kit LTE

Ericsson Mobile Broadband

As Mobile Broadband evolves it will transform the internet as radically as mobility changed telecommunications. Follow the story at our

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