Network Roll-Out

The market for roll-out services will continue to be driven by growth in mobile subscriptions and data traffic over the coming years. This growth places an increasing need for upgrading and modernizing legacy networks. Data traffic increase puts also a demand on transforming existing backhaul and transport networks,  as well as highlighting the importance of bringing the optical fiber point-of-presence (FTTx) as close to the end-user as possible. Operators are dependent on optimizing and finding innovative ways to lower operational and capital expenditure while maintaining network quality, improving the speed of the network transformation and ensuring a seamless and predictable user experience. Opportunities for new industries and business solutions, such as maritime, public safety and smart energy grids arise with the explosion of network connectivity, demanding roll-out services.

Network Roll-Out offers a complete suite of services that address Mobile Broadband, Packet Transport, Transmission, IP, Fiber and Multi Vendor Networks for operators and other industry customers.  Our service undertakings and offerings are built around our capabilities in Project Management, Site Engineering, Civil Work, Installation, Product Configuration and Integration covering end-to-end deployments from Site Acquisition through to Customer Acceptance.

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RAN Build

Continued growth in mobile subscriptions and traffic is expected over the coming years, putting a demand on the networks to evolve to meet capacity, coverage, speed and the seamless experience ...

RAN Expansion

The number of mobile broadband subscriptions has increased rapidly in recent years. Increased site capacity or improved performance of existing RAN networks is required to meet the traffic demand. ...

RAN Modernization and Swap

The growth and popularity of Smartphones and the shift away from web browsing to social media, advertising and video streaming indicates a shift in consumer behavior. The networks supporting this ...

Packet Transport Build and Expansion

As mobile broadband traffic accelerates today’s transport networks need to meet new requirements in terms of capacity, flexibility and coverage. New build and expansion of the transmission ...

Packet Transport Modernization and Swap

The increasing number of subscribers in mobile networks is placing more traffic demands on backhaul networks. Today’s backhaul networks need to support bandwidth intensive technologies such ...

Fiber Network Roll-Out

The need for fiber-optic transmission is rapidly increasing to cope with the ever increasing bandwidth requirement driven by new applications, specifically video related services. Fiber is also a ...

Connected Industries Network Roll-out

Many industries, such as utilities, transport and public safety are in the middle of being transformed into the Networked Society. This transformation is led by mobility and includes in many cases ...

Multi Vendor Roll-Out

More and more network expansions require managing several vendors to increase efficiency in rolling out the networks.

Ericsson’s multi-vendor services are designed to solve the ...

Extreme Project: Covering continental Russia

How do you install more than 8,000 sites across the world’s largest country in just 14 months?

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Long Term Evolution: LTE

LTE is the global standard for the fourth generation of mobile broadband (4G), supported by all major players in the industry. It is the fastest developing system in the history of mobile communication.

Extreme project: World Record Roll-Out, India

More than 13 million Vodafone customers in India were part of a world record – and they don't even know it. Why?

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2G to 3G and LTE – business transformation

Thailand’s second-largest mobile operator, dtac, asked Ericsson to transform its business and swap out the aging network equipment, enabling an upgrade from 2G to 3G and LTE.

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