Ericsson has the Messaging products that allows you to reduce operating and capital expenditures, protect existing messaging business, and increase revenue with new and innovative messaging services.


Enriched Messaging

Ericsson Enriched Messaging provides a seamless and cost efficient evolution path for operators introducing VoLTE, RCS 5.1 and business communication services to their ...

Messaging in One

In the networked society messaging and voicemail are services end-users continue to expect to be ubiquitously available with superior quality, feature rich and attractively bundled.

Messaging over IP

Messaging-over-IP delivers a rich experience with a wide range of personalized messaging options and the flexibility to receive any kind of message on any device at any time.

Multimedia Messaging Center

Mobile multimedia messaging is further enhanced through the value-added service possibilities, greater flexibility and scalability of the Multimedia Messaging Center.

Vodafone Spain RCSe Success story

- Sharing richer communications

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Vodafone Spain RCS Success story

Main launch - MiO

A messaging solution that reduces costs and drives revenue.

Messaging in One

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