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Microwave milestone – 3 million MINI-LINKs delivered

2014-03-20 Categories: Technology
  • Ericsson delivers 3 millionth MINI-LINK
  • MINI-LINK average capacity now 20 times greater
  • Company continues to evolve microwave technology

Micro Weather

2014-02-24 Categories: Industry, Technology
Micro Weather

Weather impacts almost everything we do. Severe weather can cause disasters, but also smaller daily weather changes have great impact on people and industries. Using microwave links that are part of mobile communication networks, local weather can be registered much faster and therefor relevant actions can be taken sooner.

Ericsson no. 1 in new Microwave report from Infonetics

2013-09-10 Categories: Industry
  • Ericsson increased its market share and leading position among microwave vendors
  • Rated among top vendors by operators in 10 out of 11 categories in Infonetics’ 2013 microwave survey

Small-Cell Wireless Backhauling, A Non-Line-of-Sight Approach for Point-to-Point Microwave Links

2013-04-16 Categories: Conference papers

In this paper we investigate the feasibility of using microwave frequencies for fixed non-line-of-sight wireless backhauling connecting small-cell radio base stations with an aggregation node in an outdoor urban environment, i.e. a typical heterogeneous network scenario. We study system level simulations for a point-to-point system where the wave propagation is based on diffraction over rooftops. We further investigate the effects of carrier frequency, interference, antenna height, rain, and tolerance to antenna alignment errors. It is found that the higher frequencies offer not only larger bandwidths but also higher antenna gains which would ideally work to their advantage. However, these advantages may be lost when taking antenna alignment errors and rain into account. Different frequencies simply have their different trade-offs.

Non-line-of-sight microwave backhaul for small cells

2013-02-22 Categories: Ericsson Review
Non-line-of-sight microwave backhaul for small cells

The evolution to denser radio-access networks with small cells in cluttered urban environments has introduced new challenges for microwave backhaul. A direct line of sight does not always exist between nodes, and this creates a need for near- and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) microwave backhaul.

Tech Talk: Microwave-Capacity Evolution

2013-02-06 Categories: Industry, Technology
Jonas Hansryd

Jonas Hansryd from Ericsson Research discusses how microwave backhaul can handle the demands for increased capacity.

New focus lifts channel partners

2012-03-02 Categories: Corporate, Portfolio
New focus lifts channel partners

Ericsson is increasing its focus on the channel-partner business. Cooperation with successful channel partners will be essential for the vision of 50 billion connected devices by 2020.

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