1. Bowser on Android TV?

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Bowser on Android TV?


Ever wondered if WebRTC could work on a Smart TV?

Javier Cerviño took this question to heart and ran with it.

Earlier in December, we received an email from Javier explaining that he has successfully established a call between and iPhone and a low-end Android Smart TV using Bowser.

He explains, “our first test was to connect two Bowsers, one from iPhone and one from an Android TV. The experiment consists of one TV, connected to a set-top-box running Android 4.1. We used a low-end set-top-box with only 512MB of RAM, and it worked.”

Although he and his team experienced poor quality video image in the Bowser application running on a Smart TV, he suspects it’s probably due to its limited CPU and RAM.

They are continuing to test this technology with the latest version of Bowser in the same scenario.

– Stefan Ålund, Ericsson Research WebRTC Team