Ericsson Mobile Backhaul


The Mobile Backhaul solution supports the coexistence of current voice-centric mobile systems alongside new, high-bandwidth broadband applications enabled by HSPA and LTE.

Solution description

Our solution covers all different technical implementations, including Hybrid, Packet Only, and Next Generation SDH and Circuit Emulation Services (CES). The most deployed version is the Hybrid concept, which is ideal for both all-IP networks, and network evolution toward all-IP due to its ability to transport both TDM and IP/Ethernet natively. Operators can leverage the cost-effectiveness of Ethernet and maintain the TDM backhaul requirements for existing voice-centric mobile technologies. In this way, the solution ensures the ongoing profitability of both the existing and future applications.
The Mobile Backhaul solution provides:

  • Flexibility—to support existing and future technologies
  • Scalability—to provide the bandwidth needed to support high-margin services, such as streaming video
  • Cost-effectiveness—to make new service rollouts profitable

Our highly flexible portfolio enables operators to build backhaul networks that are suited to their business environment, cost structures and customer demands.

Backhaul for existing radio networks

The Mobile Backhaul solution has been designed to support both TDM for existing systems and Ethernet for new and future deployments. This flexibility enables operators to continue operating GSM and WCDMA systems in a cost effective way, while also being aligned to the needs of HSPA and LTE transport.

New roll-out and network expansion

The Mobile Backhaul solution is perfectly suited for operators who want to create high-bandwidth-based mobile systems using HSPA and LTE. By delivering IP/Ethernet on optical, microwave and copper platforms the Mobile Backhaul solution fully supports reliable delivery of advanced mobile services.
Built-in scalability makes the solution a secure investment that can grow to accommodate new subscribers and business opportunities.