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Certificate value statement

The purpose of this Certificate Value Statement (CVS) is to establish the minimum requirements for the issuing and use of electronic signatures within Ericsson. This CVS thus states the lowest level of administrative and security requirements in order to obtain digital signatures of different legal and organizational value.

The certificates issued in accordance with this CVS are typically suitable for verifying the identity of entities and the authenticity of digital documents and other information objects in connection with information services. Certificates issued in accordance with this CVS may be suitable for a wide range of applications primarily focusing on the following main classes of security services:

  • Non-repudiation: the party relying on the certificate can be confident that their counterpart cannot deny an exchange of information.
  • Authentication (including authentication of subscribers identity and message integrity).
  • Confidentiality: unauthorized persons cannot gain access to confidential information or classified systems.

Ericsson Group Certificate Value Statement

Publisher: Helena Norrman, Senior Vice President, Chief Communications Officer and Head of Group Function Communications

Our Enterprise Security

Ericsson manufactures and supplies products on the basis of international standards such as 3GPP (wireless) and best architecture practices such as ITU-T recommendation X.805. Business operations including managed services are carried out in line with the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management standard. Ericsson believes that security is crucial for maintaining and enhancing stakeholder confidence by:

  • Personal Security: Doing all that can be done to ensure the wellbeing and safety of Ericsson’s personnel and disaster response efforts
  • Asset Protection: Protecting the information and physical assets for which Ericsson are custodian (our own, our customers’ and partners’)
  • Product Security: Providing products which are resilient to serious threats presented by the evolving telecom landscape and assisting with security services to ensure our customers’ assets are well defended.

Security should provide the right balance of risk taking versus risk mitigations in all business we are involved in.

For more information, please refer to this document which is intended to provide an overview of how Ericsson addresses the different aspects of our Enterprise Security, i.e. Personal Security, Asset Protection and Product Security.

Ericsson enterprise security – empowering business

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