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Tech Talk: 5G

2013-11-22 Kategorier: Industry, Technology
Erik Dahlman

In this Tech Talk, Erik Dahlman, Senior Expert in Radio Access Technologies within Ericsson Research talks about 5G or fifth-generation radio access, what it is and what we believe it will bring us.

5G signals a new phase of the connectivity revolution

2013-10-03 Kategorier: Ericsson Business Review
5G signals a new phase of the connectivity revolution

5G will integrate new and existing radio-access technologies, rather than be based on a single breakthrough technology, and this will mark the next phase of a radically transformative global process – the connectivity revolution. And while it’s too early to know exactly what 5G will mean for individual players or industries, there is no doubt it will disrupt value chains and enable new opportunities on an unprecedented scale both within and across industries.

Building connections will be the key to our urban future

2013-10-03 Kategorier: Ericsson Business Review
Building connections will be the key to our urban future

The world’s cities are often congested and complex, but they are also among the planet’s most exciting places to live. Research for Ericsson’s Networked Society City Index has found a strong correlation between the ICT maturity of a city and the way that city stakeholders can use ICT to bring social, economic and environmental benefits to the population.

By mining the vast amount of data produced by the array of connected things within any city, ICT can contribute to efficient day-to-day city management and help leaders and citizens alike negotiate the challenges of their current rapid rate of development.

Ericsson Radio Dot System revolutionizes indoor coverage

2013-09-25 Kategorier: Portfolio

Ericsson is set to redefine the small cell market with the introduction of its newest product – an innovative indoor wireless solution. The Ericsson Radio Dot System is the result of 2 years of research and development, and incorporates 14 patents. The system will provide high-quality access to mobile broadband and voice services indoors, effectively addressing current coverage challenges.

Measuring and Analyzing the impact of broadband on income

2013-09-18 Kategorier: Industry, Reports
Measuring and Analyzing the impact of broadband on income

A study has been conducted investigating the socioeconomic benefits of faster broadband, looking at various economies around the world. As a result of the study, two reports have been written.

Information drives city change

2013-06-27 Kategorier: Industry, Technology
Assaf Biderman

Watch Assaf Biderman discuss how widespread connectivity can dramatically change how cities can be designed, managed and experienced.

Measat and Ericsson trial UHDTV satellite contribution

2013-06-14 Kategorier: Industry
  • Broadcast Asia demonstration of encoding system shows efficient delivery of next-generation video
  • Responds to growing consumer demand for the very highest quality TV services
  • System comprises Ericsson encoders and modular receivers
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