Thinking Ahead


Thinking Ahead – it's a Networked Society. A society where everything that benefits from being connected will be connected. To understand the opportunities and challenges, explore our insights about market development and what people all around the world want, as well as the best in tomorrow's technology.

Networked Society

An extraordinary revolution is transforming our world a real-time connectivity is fundamentally changing the way we innovate, collaborate, produce, govern and live sustainably.

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Open innovation is at the core of Ericsson. Thanks to our industry leading researchers and long history, we can chart new, disruptive technologies like no other.

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Technology and Research Insights

Technology is at the heart of our business. Ericsson engineers, researchers and scientists around the world are working on what's next in information, communications and telecommunications (ICT). Find out more about our advances in technology and the thoughts of the people who make it happen.

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Ericsson ConsumerLab Insights

Find out what people want. Ericsson ConsumerLab provides unique insights on market and consumer trends based on interviews with 100,000 individuals in more than 40 countries and 15 megacities every year. Get the latest reports revealing the trends, expectations and desires that are shaping the market and the globe.

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Visionary Ideas

When thinking about the future, one thing is for sure: the only limiting factor is our own imagination. The ideas presented here may not yet have materialized in large scale or been industrialized, but could serve as the spark for developing something great.

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