Microwave Networks

Our microwave offering provides the lowest cost of ownership, whether it is for new mobile network rollouts, evolution of mobile networks, or fixed broadband over microwave.

Offering Description

MINI-LINK is the world's leading microwave solution, suitable for any network scenario. It enables flexible and speedy network rollout, and provides gigabit capacity and carrier-grade availability. Ericsson's microwave offering consists of a number of products:

  • MINI-LINK TN, a modular solution for evolving networks providing transport technology flexibility and integrated traffic handling
  • MINI-LINK CN, compact and cost efficient hop solutions for microwave transport
  • MINI-LINK PT, all outdoor solutions for packet microwave transport
  • MINI-LINK SP, multi access aggregation node and indoor unit for MINI-LINK PT 
  • MINI-LINK LH, an Ethernet Trunk Radio providing high capacities over long hops
  • Marconi LH, a compact high-capacity trunk radio solution for SDH

The complete solution includes ServiceOn, a common management system for all of Ericsson's microwave products.

Complete offering

This microwave offering is an important part of our Mobile Backhaul, which provides an end-to-end TDM and/or Ethernet backhaul solution that fully supports the vision of all-IP RAN over Ethernet.

Reduce costs

Our microwave offering enables deployment, evolution and migration of networks in a cost-efficient, step-by-step fashion, and fully supports the concept of lowest cost of ownership.

The hardware is highly flexible, and the high production capacity, along with the ability to offer complete turn-key site solutions, enables quick and efficient roll out of individual hops or complete networks. Ericsson can deliver large quantities of equipment with short lead times.



MINI-LINK TN is a unique microwave transmission node, handling single hops and access sites as well as advanced hub sites for large networks, optimized for traffic aggregation and capacity savings.


MINI‑LINK CN belongs to the MINI‑LINK product family. It provides compact solutions for microwave transport, and is built with simplicity in mind.


MINI-LINK PT is a new all-outdoor MINI-LINK product optimized for packet networks, using native Ethernet over microwave. MINI-LINK PT can easily be deployed in single hops and/or end sites, where ...


Ericsson SP are powerful packet aggregation nodes optimized for packet only networks offering multi-Gbit aggregation capacities. The SP family offers both switching and routing functionality with ...


MINI-LINK LH is the Ethernet Trunk Radio with High Microwave capacities for your network evolution to all-IP. MINI-LINK LH provides Gigabit capacities over one antenna. The system contains an ...

Marconi LH

The Marconi LH digital radio system provides cost effective wireless transmission and is ideal for any application where a fast rollout is needed or when fiber is not available.