The Media Blog – 2009-07

Territorial restriction to Single Digital EU Music market soon to be abolished

July, 16 2009 by Admin
Fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms and conditions for networked based media distribution play a fundamental role in the necessary and in...

Reflections upon challenges of rights clearances

July, 08 2009 by Admin
Will the European Commission have the ability to involve itself in exclusive rights of producers, distributors and others in such a way that territ...

What consumers want

July, 06 2009 by Niklas Heyman Rönnblom
Traditional TV distributors, as well as telecom service and content providers, are failing to satisfy consumer demand for TV/video services. If the...

IPTV Comes to Armenia

July, 01 2009 by Admin
Last week Ericsson announced it has signed a deal, the first of its kind, to bring high-quality, interactive TV to viewers in Armenia through a dea...
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