The Media Blog – 2010-11

Creating a better functioning single market

November, 29 2010 by Admin
Following a June stakeholder workshop in Brussels on the issue of multi-territorial licensing for online content, the European Commission, DG Infor...

How telecoms and media can embrace the internet threat

November, 24 2010 by Admin
The first internet battles are lost, leaving both the media and telecom industries with declining revenues and fixed assets that have become liabil...

Moving towards balance – a study into duties of care on the internet

November, 22 2010 by Admin
A recent study 'Moving Towards Balance: A study into duties of care on the internet' (full study attached below) by the Institute for Information L...

Who’s Who in Internet Politics: A Taxonomy of Information Technology Policy

November, 18 2010 by Simon Frost
A decade ago, before the tech boom collapsed and the digital economy bubble burst, it seemed to some that issues surrounding information technology...

European Court of Justice ruling in the Padawan Case - what's next ?

November, 16 2010 by Admin
The ruling arises from the dispute between SGAE (a Spanish Collecting Society for songwriters and music publishers) and PADAWAN (a company that mar...

Net Neutrality: Specialized Services and Wireless Broadband.

November, 10 2010 by Admin
Ericsson submitted comments in response to the FCC’s request for further comment on two issues in its net neutrality proceeding: “Specialized Servi...

VOD finally invited to compete with theatre by 2011 in US

November, 10 2010 by Admin
Time Warner has reaffirmed its commitment to rolling out a premium VOD service to allow consumers to watch movies at theatrical release in the comf...

Orange expects content rights to cover all screens

November, 10 2010 by Admin
Three screen television services are helping Orange Group attract new customers and they appeal especially to the younger generation, which is used...
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