The Media Blog – 2011-10

Australian Media In Transition: "Old" Complementing "New"

October, 31 2011 by Admin
Despite the rapid rise of "new" digital media, the "old" offline media remains a very significant component in Australian’s media consumption habit...

Australians: content more important than delivery platform

October, 26 2011 by Admin
A new study has revealed that the media delivery platform is not the most important distinction Australian consumers make when deciding what to con...

IPTV: $20B Bonanza for Telcos

October, 24 2011 by Admin
Telecom operators around the world are facing similar challenges: a decline in the traditional, high-margin voice business, and containing the high...

Private Copying and Fair Compensation: An empirical study of copyright levies in Europe

October, 21 2011 by Admin
Produced by Professor Martin Kretschmer,the report offers the first independent empirical assessment of the European levy system as a whole. The re...

AT&T IPTV Goes Social

October, 21 2011 by Admin
US operator AT&T has become the latest pay TV provider to get on the social TV bandwagon by enabling iPhone and iPad support for its U-verse IPTV s...

Premium VOD - ready, steady, go!

October, 20 2011 by Admin
Ten years ago sitting in a dark room with a group of strangers and experiencing a well told story together was a great way to spend an afternoon or...

EBU Technical Report on the Future of Terrestrial Broadcasting

October, 14 2011 by Admin
The Technical arm of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) recently released a report on the future of terrestrial broadcasting. The report conc...

Social TV takes its first steps

October, 10 2011 by Erik Kruse
It’s not going to be big – it’s going to be huge. That’s what Ynon Kreiz, CEO of the Endemol Group, thought about Social TV when he told the audien...
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