The Media Blog – 2011-11

Operators take on Social TV at the Monaco Media Forum

November, 23 2011 by Admin
TV is becoming increasingly social with a range of applications now available to consumers. Seeing Orange TV Check, an over-the-top service, presen...

‘Worlds collide’ at Monaco Media Forum

November, 22 2011 by Admin
Last week I attended the Monaco Media Forum, an annual event that brings together leaders from the media industry. Giants such as Google and Turner...

Ericsson comments on the EC Green Paper Audiovisual Works Online in the EU

November, 16 2011 by Admin
Ericsson is pleased to be able to respond to the GREEN PAPER on the online distribution of AV works in the European Union.

Set Spectrum Free - Incentive Auctions

November, 16 2011 by Admin
The first spectrum auction in the US was held in 1994, and auctions are now accepted in a wide range of regions worldwide as a tool to distribute s...

Global Best Practice in Broadband Implementation

November, 14 2011 by Admin
The Report deals with the six important levels of decision making comprising a National Broadband Plan in the form of a Decision Tree and discusses...

Technology Neutral Copyright has a positive impact on investment, job creation and inno...

November, 10 2011 by Admin
The following economic research paper validates the desirability of a technology neutral approach to copyright and copyright licensing. In 2008 ...

The digital consumers are here and waiting...and waiting – where are the flicks?

November, 03 2011 by Admin
What if there was a very high consumer demand for premium digital media content? Check. What if technology and services existed that could address...
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