The Media Blog – 2012-07

Live Event Television: Serving Stellar Wimbledon TV Coverage

July, 30 2012 by Richard Bullock
Earlier this month, the largest UK TV audience for a tennis final since 1990 gathered to see Andy Murray attempt to overcome the weight of history ...

How is Asia Preparing for Multi-Screen TV?

July, 30 2012 by Eugene Sarmiento
When I look at the TV landscape in Asia, the most striking trend is how the desires and actions of today's consumers have changed the way content i...

Ericsson's Managed Services Approach to the Broadcast Future

July, 25 2012 by Andreas Eriksson
For me, one of the most important aspects of last month's Ericsson TV LIVE event (held in conjunction with Media Partners Asia) was the opportunity...

There is Nothing New in Over-the-Top TV

July, 19 2012 by David Price
Let's cut straight to the chase. Over-the-top TV is not new. In fact, it's not even a 21st century phenomenon, despite the growing numbers of con...

Delivering the Next Generation of Live Event Television

July, 17 2012 by Richard Bullock
Over the next few years we are about to witness a great change in the way we deliver live events on television. Despite the growth of time-shift a...

Ericsson Supports ESPN's Euro 2012 Coverage

July, 16 2012 by Admin
As an Italian, and an avid follower of my national football team, I would rather forget the outcome of the Euro 2012 final. Unfortunately some of ...

Service Velocity: Driving the Future of Cable

July, 16 2012 by Andrew Rowe
I'm fortunate that my work in the television and technology industries allows me to combine my career with my favorite hobbies. It's a really grea...

IPTV Platforms Make Big Impression at ANGA Cable 2012

July, 11 2012 by Edward Allfrey
Last month, I travelled to one of Germany's largest cities, Cologne, for ANGA Cable 2012, where I took part in a speaker panel alongside six of my ...
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