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Ericsson Mobility Report: Mobile video traffic continues to dominate

January, 10 2017 by Gordon Castle
In the first part of this two-part series we looked at the evolution of 5G and its commercial future. The need for 5G has been underlined by the d...

Media in the Networked Society: Turning consumers into your greatest fans - Ericsson

September, 23 2015 by Helena Norrman
Media was one of the first industries to be digitized and since that period of digitalization, we have seen the distribution of every kind of servi...

The importance of big data: Unlocking opportunities in the future TV landscape

December, 22 2014 by Warren Chaisatien
In addition to my quarterly blogs on the Ericsson Time to Play site, I am also a regular contributor to Ericsson’s Networked Society blog. This blo...

Ericsson lands 5th Emmy Award for JPEG2000 Interoperability

August, 21 2014 by Giles Wilson
This week we are delighted to announce that we have received a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts a...

World Television Day 2013: Celebrating the past, present and future of TV

November, 26 2013 by Simon Frost
November 21st was World Television Day- an annual fixture since 1996 that celebrates a medium that inspires, enables discovery, educates and entert...

Back to the Future: Addressing the multi-screen advertising challenge

September, 19 2013 by Andrew Rowe
Today’s multi-screen world is having a direct impact on how advertising is delivered and its effectiveness with consumers. With the rapid prolifera...

Ericsson announces first Malaysian channel partner- TekMark Broadcast

March, 13 2013 by Bonnie Tan
Across the APAC region, we are seeing our industry grow rapidly, as more and more machines and devices connect to one another, enabling consumers t...

Looking to the future of the TV industry: Ericsson Certification for TV Professionals

December, 10 2012 by Narayanan Rajan
One of the most enjoyable challenges we face in the television industry is the need to adapt to change. Every year we have to find new and even mor...
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