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Ericsson lands 5th Emmy Award for JPEG2000 Interoperability

August, 21 2014 by Giles Wilson
This week we are delighted to announce that we have received a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts a...

The Future of Broadcast Spectrum - Ericsson

October, 30 2013 by Vera Kenehan
It seems as if everything in today’s world is connected and it’s not just smartphones. Mobile-enabled devices now include routers, laptops, tablets...

Are retransmission rules to be eliminated in the US?

January, 02 2012 by Admin
Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have introduced legislation that would eliminate "retransmission consent" rule...

A platform-neutral regulatory framework proposal emerges in Australia

December, 16 2011 by Admin
Australian Convergence Review Committee announced  its recommendation of far-reaching reforms and a new regulator for the digital economy in its In...

EU Court of Justice: Censorship in Name of Copyright Violates Fundamental Rights

December, 04 2011 by Admin
The European Court of Justice historic decision in the Scarlet Extended case ruled that forcing ISPs to monitor and censor their users communicatio...

The intertwined relationship between digital creativity and digital productivity

December, 04 2011 by Admin
"...Art feeds the soul. But who feeds the artist? Often, this debate focuses on copyright, especially enforcing copyright. But this isn't the whole...

Ericsson comments on the EC Green Paper Audiovisual Works Online in the EU

November, 16 2011 by Admin
Ericsson is pleased to be able to respond to the GREEN PAPER on the online distribution of AV works in the European Union.

Global Best Practice in Broadband Implementation

November, 14 2011 by Admin
The Report deals with the six important levels of decision making comprising a National Broadband Plan in the form of a Decision Tree and discusses...
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