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Savoring the seamless golden moments from a great summer of sport

September, 01 2016 by Giles Wilson
Over the last few months we have witnessed the Portuguese rejoice at the UEFA European Championships, Chile celebrate a second consecutive Copa Ame...

Media Industry – NAB Show 2016 Preview – Ericsson

April, 12 2016 by Simon Frost
This month marks the foundation of Ericsson as a company and this year’s NAB Show coincides with the celebration of our 140th anniversary year. Sin...

Media Industry - The role of HDR in the future of UHDTV (part two) - Ericsson

March, 29 2016 by Matthew Goldman
The first three months of this year have been dominated by conversation surrounding high dynamic range (HDR), and as I mentioned in part one of my ...

The importance of HDR+ in an immersive experience - Ericsson

December, 15 2015 by Matthew Goldman
Televisions are constantly evolving but as we know in this industry, the only way to deliver an effective rollout of a new TV system is when we can...

Breaking the codec - are current video compression standards enough? - Ericsson

October, 05 2015 by Tony Jones
In the future Networked Society everything will be digitized and mobile. When everything is connected, it has a huge transformative effect on how c...

Defining and creating a truly immersive TV experience

September, 11 2015 by Anne-Louise Buick
At Ericsson, our focus in the television industry is on achieving a TV Anywhere landscape that meets the unique demands of a diverse consumer audie...

INTX 2015 review: The convergence of the media ecosystem- Ericsson

May, 20 2015 by Solomon Israel
Last week Ericsson took part in INTX (The Internet and Television Expo), the next evolution in what was once known as ‘The Cable Show.’ As a multi-...

Ericsson’s solution for ‘True’ 4K UHDTV endorsed with NAB Technology Innovation Award

May, 09 2014 by Giles Wilson
We are delighted that Ericsson’s ‘true’ 4K Ultra High Definition TV (UHDTV) Content Exchange solution has won one of the industry’s most prestigiou...
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