By Simon Frost, 21 March, 2012.

Multi-Screen/Multi-Platform Debate Descends On London

The annual IP&TV World Forum has begun! Find out why I am looking forward to seeing how the industry is delivering on the new multi-screen TV experiences consumers want and addressing the inevitable coalition of broadcast and IP.

The annual IP&TV World Forum event began at Olympia, London and I am looking forward to seeing how the industry is delivering on the new multi-screen TV experiences consumers want and addressing the inevitable coalition of broadcast and IP.

Multi-screen has the potential to become more than just another way to watch TV, it can change the way consumers discover, create, consume and share content.

We are now beginning to realize the vision of the Networked Society; a world in which all devices that should be connected to each other will be, using the cloud to deliver rich experiences with new levels of immediacy.  In fact, Ericsson predicts by 2020 there will be 50 billion connected devices globally and of these, around a third will be video enabled.  We will increasingly see how consumers embrace and integrate multi-screen experiences into their everyday lives.

But how will service providers react to the emergence of the Networked Society?  And how will the market adapt to the challenges set by increased consumer demand for multi-screen television?

These are some of the issues my colleagues and I will be addressing during the conference on Wednesday March 21.  As well as personally discussing the topic of 'Mobile TV Delviery and its Implications on the Ecosystem' at 1.00pm, Ericsson speaking slots include:

A visit to our stand (117) will showcase how we are trying to provide richer and more convenient ways for viewers to consume, share and discover content on more devices.  TV solutions we will demonstrate include:

I look forward to catching up with colleagues and industry friends in London this week and witnessing the moment when IPTV becomes true Multi-screen TV - a new approach to delivering personalized consumer TV experiences that all operators, regardless of their core platform, can embrace.

Written by Simon Frost

Simon Frost is the Global Head of Media Marketing and Communications at Ericsson, playing a fundamental role in driving the company’s vision of Media in the Networked Society and the emergence of the internet era of TV, television’s greatest ever period of change. Frost has more than 20 years' experience in the broadcast, Pay TV, internet and telecommunications sectors and is leading Ericsson’s global marketing and communications strategy related to TV and Media, reinforcing the company's unique position at the convergence of the telecoms, internet and media industries.

Frost has authored thought leadership articles on the future of TV and the company’s vision for media in 2020, and has driven a truly value-centric culture and outlook, turning vision into commercial performance through solution and product marketing teams. Ericsson is leading the industry transformation and driving investments that create a differential edge for its customers.

Since joining Ericsson’s TV and Media division (formerly TANDBERG Television pre-2009), Frost has played a pivotal role in integrating acquisitions, developing and delivering a series of campaigns for the company, concentrating on its business growth and the development of groundbreaking solutions, as well articulating its vision for the future of TV and video through high profile speaker activities worldwide.

Prior to his current role, Frost has held several senior positions, including Vice President, IPTV Compression Solutions and Business Development Director (Mobile & Terrestrial TV) at TANDBERG Television. He has previously worked for Harmonic and Philips Digital Networks architecting customer video solutions.

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